Advertisement Ideas: How To Get It Up!!!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Get It Up!!!!

 In business sometimes we need help to get it up. I hope this blog entry will be like Viagra and help you to stiffen your business and beat your competition by giving you solid advertising ideas. The key to getting it up with advertising is to have something that stimulates and excites the consumers. It begins with the right advertising choices. With the right choices used to create brand awareness coupled with a strong call to action you will get it up and see an increase in your revenue. In stimulating the consumers desire to buy your product and services you will begin to create a buzz and have people talking about your business. In giving great customer service you create customer loyalty and thus create ways to get it up in your advertising plans and thus have a strong return on your investment.  Every business person I have spoken with has the same concern how will people find me and do business with me? My answer is like with Viagra you will need to promote the benefits of your product and have great testimonials to use that explain how you enhance the customer experience. So think of ways you can get it up and give your business a dose of Viagra to increase your awareness and your revenue.

Just as The Time encourages people to Get It Up, it is important for you to find ways to get it up in your business. By coming up with creative and proactive ways to get it up you will find that your business recognitions and your sales increase. One way to get it up is to use Internet TV as a platform as there are many shows that are seeking to interview you. I host a show at www.wrpbitv.com. The Anything Bucket, which airs at 6:30 PM EST on Tuesday. I have had many guests come on and do the interview and purchase their clip as they saw that the one way to get it up in business was to promote across all social media platforms, on their website, and though promotional emails. As a result those who bought the clip and used it properly have seen an increase in their business. In knowing who your target audience is, using the proper platforms to reach the audience, showing leadership in your business, and having great manners you will begin to get it up in your business.

One rule in business is that people need to be aware of who you are and what you do and have a reason to business with you. In getting it up you will be able to clearly define these 3 things and thus market yourself accordingly. The goal should be to maximize your message by being consistent. Remember to get it up you must be relevant, entertaining, and resonating.  In networking you want to get people’s interest up. This is where that one minute elevator speech come in handy. Remember you always want to have a call to action. For example my way to raise awareness is to use my booming voice and say Hello, I am Jonathan JDOGG Lederman, The Positive Broadcaster. Did you know that 90% of businesses that use tagline are more recognizable than those who do not? I can help you to maximize your message see me after the meeting for a special report on how to effectively use tag lines.  The components needed to get it up are stimulation and activation. have a clear and easily understood message and a strong call to action and you will get it up.

 Paying it Forward is another great way to get it up as it shows people that your business is dedicated to helping others. In paying it forward choose the cause that resonates with you. Then create a public relations campaign that will show the community how you are supporting the charity.  Use your social media platforms to announce how you are paying it forward.

 Testimonials are also a great way to get it up as it shows people the level of satisfaction that you deliver. The testimonials enhance your message and give you edification and credibility.. The key is to use the testimonials in your advertising and marketing mix.

 In making a commitment to get it up you will see an increase in business and thus growth will become a word that is associated with you and your company. If you continue to have the mindset to get it up you will build traffic and you will find success in all you do.

Get it up in your business by planning your work and working your plan. Stay Positive!!


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