Advertisement Ideas: How To Overcome Negative Press!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How to Overcome Negative Press!!!

 It is time to face the facts that if you have a business you will experience some type of bad press while running your business. You will encounter people for whatever who will bad mouth you and your business. If you are doing the right thing you will experience bad press either through posts on social media sites, letters to the editor,  media sources whose agenda is to  spread negativity, or  competitors looking to tear you down as opposed to build themselves up. The question is what do you do?

 One of the key components is in overcoming negative press is to be armed with the facts that build your credibility. When the press brings up something negative combat it with all that you are doing that is positive in your business. There is an old saying it doesn’t matter if it is good press nor bad press just spell my name right. If it is good press you can build on it, if it is bad press you can combat it with your side of the story.  In your PR Campaign it is important to make everything reflect positively on who you are and what you do so that you strengthen your brand. The key is to make sure when people see your brand it gives them positive vibes. When you receive negative press it is important  to be  proactive and combat the press so that you regain a positive stronghold in  the marketplace.

Advertisement Ideas: Combating Negative Press A Case Study!!!!!

Recently  Under Armour received bad publicity as it related to The U.S. Speed Skating Team. As it turns out it wasn’t the uniforms they were wearing it was the athletes and the competition that they were up against. To combat this negative PR Under Armour  began to run advertisements and included many testimonials about the positive impact Under Armour has had on several athletic programs.  Under Armour also released a media release to explain  their side of the story and how the uniforms were constructed and why they were not tested prior to The Olympics. Under Armour has now stepped up their charitable involvement and has let the news outlets and general public know about what they are doing. They have stressed that they deliver excellent customer service and have made many customer service surveys public that show them is a positive light.  Under Armour continues to combat negative PR by being proactive and ware of any negative PR that is being filtered in the marketplace.

Advertisement Ideas: Making PR A Priority By Combating Negative Public Relations!!!

 Understanding that it is important to combat negative PR is paramount to having success in your business.  When setting up your PR Strategy it is important to have a plan and work the plan. The following are tips to help you combat negative PR.

1:  Define your message by asking yourself what is my  message? Is it inspiring people to take action while putting you in a positive light!!!

2:  Place your message in the places where people will see it and have a positive feeling about it.

3:  Be consistent with your message and give it frequency…

4:  Use effective ways to deliver your message.

5:  Know your brand and preserve your brand by monitoring what is being said and having a strategy to respond to any comments that put you in a negative light.

 Have  a set strategy that will enhance your message so that when you receive negative press you can effectively combat it and create a positive outcome for your company.



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