Advertisement Ideas: How To Use Social Media Effectively!!!!


Advertisement Ideas:How To Use Social Media Effectively!

 These icons and the word social media have become recognizable lexicons in the advertising world thus creating a need to come up with more effective advertisement ideas so as to create a buzz about your products or services. The question that comes up in many of my trainings is JDOGG how can I use social media effectively? I generally answer that first you must engage the audience, then you must create more content that keeps them coming back, then you build your list, then you devise a plan that engages rather than sells. Once you do this the people will begin to look for you and what products and services that you offer. The key is to ask probing questions that are non invasive in nature but helps you to develop the target list of who to approach.

 The first thing to know is how the social media networks operate. For example:

As we all know the key is to captivate the audience and gain a following. Many refer this as building your tribe. As you engage and build your following you are able to see who has a real interest in you, your products, or your services. Many say give something away for free on your site. My thought is free has no value. Put something on the site for an inexpensive price like a short e-book for $9.97. The reason to do this is that it gives a perceived value and separates the contenders from the pretenders. If someone is willing to spend $9.97 and they like what you delivered they will be willing to attend a webinar or a tele-class for $29.97, then they will be willing to buy an info product for $49.97, then they will be willing to attend a live seminar for $149.97 and then they will be moved to spend $997 on  your full training. When promoting these programs via social media ask questions like how much would you spend on a ebook? How much would you expect to pay for a full day workshop? What content would you like to be presented when I offer a webinar? By using these tools of engagement you will begin to gather a following and monetize the knowledge that you have.

Advertisement Ideas:  Using Social Media Effectively: A Case Study!!!

These are questions one must ask to effectively use social media. Recently I used Social Media for a fundraising campaign for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton, FL. The first question I asked was are we engaged by someone being a follower on twitter or a friend on Facebook. If we were then I posted a general invite to visit http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg1. I then posted comments under relevant posts and saw that I was getting responses so I knew people were listening. I was also getting likes and re-tweets. I then sent thank you notes.  As a result of social media over $150 in donations have been raised so far. The key is to have a strong engaging message. Remember facts tell but stories sell.

 You can measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign by using the following and tracking conversion rates.

 Answering these questions and adding the question of where are they looking for information will help you in using social media effectively.

In using social media effectively it is important to have clearly defined goals and objectives so that you can plan your work and work your plan making adjustments along the way. If your message is relevant, resonating, and entertaining you will begin to engage the audience, create a following, and as a result increase your conversion rate.


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