Advertisement Ideas: How To Create Positive Cash Flow!!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Create Positive Cash Flow!

Uterine Fury Records - Happiness Is Positive Cash Flow As a marketing and media relations specialist I am asked many times JDOGG how is this going to create positive cash flow? The simplicity of the situation is that advertising is meant to create traffic and by creating traffic and fulfilling the desires of the consumer you will create positive cash flow. The first thing you need to do to create positive cash flow is to understand what your client/customer wants. A great example is my customer wants exposure in the market place so I create a strategy for them to get this exposure and I charge fees for the program that they choose. In promoting their business and getting results I am able to garner a fee and thus create positive cash flow.  A colleague of mine Ken Esrig speaks of putting yourself in a dollar bill sandwich where you put your name on the top of a paper with 5 dollar signs on one side of your name and 5 dollar signs on the other side of your name to illustrate that money flows to you and from you.  It is important to understand that everything you do in business has a value and the key is to maximize the return on your investment so that you will create positive cash flow. The mindset should be one that I will maximize my message and that I will make smart choices and be open to receive so as to create positive cash flow. The question now is how do I create positive cash flow?

Advertisement Ideas: Ways To Create Positive Cash Flow!!!

To create positive cash flow you must put yourself in a positive money mindset understanding that you have enough and that there is abundance available to you. You must shift your mindset from the lack paradigm to the prosperity paradigm. Someone coming from lack uses words like I can’t afford, I don’t have a budget for that, I don’t see how this will benefit me.  A person coming from prosperity says I can do that how much is I will find a way to do it, I am amble to fit it into my budget, this will benefit me.

 One way to create a faucet of positive cash flow is to be aware of the opportunities that are available to you in the community and how you can get involved with community activities. In my community we have The Lauderhill Broncos Pop Warner Football Team. I am their announcer and provide my services pro bono because in my profession as an announcer you have to be heard. You may be asking JDOGG how does this create positive cash flow for you? The answer is it puts me in front of people who represent other Pop Warner Teams and Football Tournaments and other sports that may be looking for an announcer and when I am approached by them I am able to give them my business card work out a fee schedule and get paid for my services. The key is to be proactive and in tune with who may be able to use your services.

 After you have determined who you want to target to use your services or purchase your products then you have to take the next step and market yourself so they know who you are and how you are of value and service to them. In reaching out and networking properly you will begin to obtain those who can benefit from what you are offering. Be aware of what is happening in the area and capitalize accordingly. In 2010 I was listening to WQAM 560 Sports Radio when I heard an interview about The Lingerie Football League and that they would be playing at an arena near my home. I contacted the Lingerie Football League and did an audition on the phone and landed the PA Announcer Position for The Miami Caliente, which paid $100 per night. By being alert and taking action I created positive cash flow.

 After you determine who your audience is and how you are going to be proactive in reaching them the next step is determining how you are going to turn them into long time customers/clients. It is imperative that you become a magnet for people and that you give them what they want. IN becoming a people magnet and creating raving fans who spend money you will create a positive cash flow. Get to know people and find out who they are and what they are seeking. By being of service and value you begin to create repeat customers/clients who continue to support your business and recommend you to others.

BRAND AWARENESS and MARKET PRESENCE (among other common denominators) People need to know who you are and what sets you apart from others thus it is imperative that you develop a known and trusted brand. Look at all the major players in the marketplace from the mom and pop hair salon to the large corporation they all have one thing in common they have a recognizable and trusted brand and as a result create positive cash flow. Ask yourself how well am I known. If people see my logo and tag line will they know who I am and what I do. A great example of branding occurred today as I sat in Starbucks I looked up to see someone I had met many months ago and she said hi how are you you’re the announcing guy. I said yes I am and we began to have a conversation about how I can be of service to her business and she is coming on  my radio show, GET MOTIVATED WITH JONATHAN JDOGG LEDERMAN, which is heard on www.blogtalkradio.com/hrafnstongradio on Monday at 6:00 PM EST. I then show her videos from my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST on www.wrpbitv.com. She is considering being a guest.  By putting myself out there and branding myself I am able to attract people who will help to create a positive cash flow.  Every day is an opportunity to strengthen your brand so make sure you are talking to people and sharing your business and that you always carry information about who you are and what you do be it business cards, fliers, brochures, postcards, pens, promotional items always be ready to build your brand so you become recognizable and trusted.

This week make it a point to create positive cash flow.


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