Advertisement Ideas: How To Get Into The Media!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Get Into The Media!!!

Media Relations- Delivering Your Message

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          I am often asked JDOGG, How do I get my story into the media? My answer over my 30 years of doing media relations is develop a relationship with the media sources, know who the editor is of your local newspapers and magazines, know the program director at the local radio station, get to know the producers of your TV news and, make friends with as many people with media related platforms as you can. After you build a relationship make sure you are sending them items that are relevant, resonating, and entertaining. For example the photo of me at The Skyline Chili Fundraiser was sent out to media outlets across South Florida with a Caption Love of Mother leads to unique partnership and fundraiser to help those affected by cancer. I sent this out and The Sunrise Forum ran a story on the front page about The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise, FL.  Tying things in your business to a charity is a great way to pique the interest of the media.

A Great Event To Shift The Consciousness of the World One Community At A Time

A Great Event To Shift The Consciousness of the World One Community At A Time

This is a banner that was made for a special event and it was included in all the media releases sent out and in many posts on social media outlets.  I used the following formula to get media coverage and this formula has worked for several clients I have worked with like Octavia Trimm of Butterfly Renewal, Barbara Theodosiou of The Addict’s Mom, and Coach Shantel Smith. Over the years I have utilized this formula to obtain media coverage for several non-profit organizations as well as for myself.

1: Like playing darts you must have the right strategy to score. In submitting stories this means having a story that you can develop over time as it takes 4-6 touches before an editor, program manager or producer will respond. I generally recommend a 6 week program. In week one you want to introduce yourself or your event, in week 2 you want to update your story, in week 3 you want to mention progress, in week 4 you want to create a sense of urgency, in week 5 you want to include high lights and give people a reason to respond, and in week 6 you want to have a complete and final pre-release.

 2: Like in all aspects of business follow-up is the key. If you sent an email make a call to make sure it was received. If you sent a fax call immediately after to make sure it went to the correct person. The key is to continually follow-up so you will get coverage.

3: Get known so when you call the editor, the program manager, or a producer they know you and look forward to hearing from you as you have become a source for good stories.

Advertisement Ideas: A Successful Media Campaign Case Study!!!!

 In 2004 and 2005 I was The Public Relations Chairman for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of East Boca Raton. The Relay For Life is a signature project of The American Cancer Society.  Before I began to approach the media I began to research the event, who would be served by the event and who would be involved in the event. I sent out many media releases from October 2003 – April 2004 highlighting the event. Many of the releases focused on the services being funded by Relay For Life. Each release had a theme and a call to action for the media to call and do a story. From September of 2004 – April of 2005 I did the same thing as I came up with different angles and send out media releases and made many calls. As a result of learning who to talk to and how to hit their hot buttons I was able to secure newspaper articles, magazine articles, radio appearances, and TV Coverage. In being persistent I had WPTV Channel 5 of Palm Beach come out 2 days before relay to do a story on Relay For Life from the site of Relay For Life of East Boca Raton. During the 2 days of Relay For Life WPTV came and did a live remote, many local newspaper reporters and photographers showed up to cover Relay For Life. People asked me how I did that. The answer was simple I asked and came up with angles that were relevant, entertaining, and resonating. Personally my involvement was featured in The Jewish Journal as Mensch of the Week, in The Sun-Sentinel as an Unsung Hero.

 The key to getting media coverage is to create a buzz.  It also helps if you use someone who has worked in the media and understands the inner workings of the process in getting a story in print or on electronic media or who uses social media successfully.Stay Positive!!!








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