Advertisement Ideas: How to Build Your Customer/Client Base!!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Build Your Customer/Client Base!!!!

It doesn’t matter if you have a brick and mortar business, and internet based business, or  work from your home in each case there is a common thread needed to insure for your success. That common thread is customers/clients. When I worked for Forum Publishing Company as an Advertising Consultant I was always conscious of the # of clients I had because the more clients I had the more money I made based on the fact that the position was a commission only position. I always made every effort to have  a few smaller accounts, a few medium-sized accounts, and a few big accounts. I treated each account as an important part of my business. In selling of the advertising I became someone who would give my clients ideas because in many cases having someone like myself on the outside looking in can be a major asset as I am not so married to the business. Those that chose to listen and implement the ideas did well while those who were set in their ways seemed to struggle week in and week out. In the 2 1/2 years that I worked at Forum Publishing Group I learned a lot about the business people in my territory, which was Margate and Coconut Creek, Florida. In my initial consultation with a potential advertiser I would always ask how are you building your client/customer base? I usually knew where they were already advertising but I would ask anyway. One thing I learned was to never put down the other publications but to build up the reason they should be in my publications. In building a solid customer/client base you have to be aware of what the potential client wants.

 By finding out what your potential clients/customers want you will be able to effectively do a needs analysis and deliver what they are seeking.  I was in a recent meeting of commercial property owners and I asked them what is it they think is keeping their properties from being fully occupied. I heard answers like price, location, the economy, the banks, lack of interest. I asked when was the last time they did an interest intake evaluation? They all looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. I explained that they all needed to ask their current tenants why they chose to rent or buy property from them, then asked what characteristics they look for when seeking office, warehouse, or retail space? I then used a case study from Jacky Smith’s Book Relevant Selling where she found out that it wasn’t price at all that led to the decision of where to lease or buy property but rather it was security as people wanted to feel they were safe when coming to the location. One landlord implemented a daily security concerns hotline where security issues were addressed as they came up.  As a result of meeting the desires of current and future tenants this developer now has 95% of all his properties full with a renewal rate of 89%. The lesson here is to find out what your target audience wants and then give it to them.

 Once the sale is made it is important to remember that you have an obligation to service that customer/client. By being of service and value you will build referral sources for your business that when utilized properly will continue to grow your customer/client base. The key is to ask for testimonials and to use the testimonials to increase your base. I often say that when you are engaged with your client/customer base you can continue to grow and if you are not growing you are dying.

Advertisement Ideas: Proven Methods in Building Your Client/Customer Base!!!

Detach yourself from what you want and put the needs of the client/customer first.


 Make sure your message is clear and consistent.

 Ask questions so as to assess the needs and concerns of the client/customer

 Promote who you are and what you do in as many venues as possible. I call this living your brand. Everywhere you go you are an extension of your brand.

 Be aware of how you are showing up and the image you are putting out there.

Advertisement Ideas: a Case Study On Building Your Client/Customer Base

 By now many of you know that I am very involved in Relay For Life and I am very committed to raising funds to help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. I even have a website set up for donations at

 In building my client base, which in this case are those who donate and participate in fundraisers that I host, I have learned to always wear something with The Relay for Life Logo on it. I have learned that people want t know where the money goes so I share with them through a  flier this information. many want to know my personal motivation for participating so I share my story.  This methodology can easily be transferred into business as you should wear something with your brand, have literature about who you are and what you do, and share your story. If you do these things coupled with the other methods you will find it easy to stay open for business and to build a strong customer/client base.


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