Advertisement Ideas: How Deep Is Your Network?


Advertisement Ideas: How Deep Is Your Network?

 With the passing of Nelson Mandela yesterday I began to think about how many lives he touched for standing up for what he believed. I began to think how deep was Nelson Mandela’s network? Then I began to think of a question that many business owners must ask and that is how deep is my network. Nelson Mandela was able to touch many lives as he built a network of people who believed in what he represented. The obstacles he faced were tremendous and he rose above them. he gave up 27 years of his life as he spent those years in jail. Part of his network was his wife Winnie who kept the movement going while Nelson Mandela was in jail. Together Nelson and Winnie Mandela were a formidable couple who used the power of their network to affect change in the world. Nelson Mandela lived his philosophies and beliefs daily and if he were a brand was as well-recognized as NIKE. Mandela created a buzz because he built a network of followers who knew him, liked him and trusted him. Mandela leaves a legacy for with many lessons for us to follow. One lesson is to build a network.

Advertisement Ideas: Building Your Network!!!!

 I first learned the concept of networking as a member of The Jaycees, an organization of young men and women aged 18-40 dedicated to providing leadership training through community service to its members.  The Jaycees network was made up of  members, who made up chapters, districts, regions, state organizations, national organizations, and Junior Chamber International. These groups created a network for good. In building the network the one thing that was stressed was to share the organization with others and get them to join the organization. After they joined the idea was to provide them with services that would enhance their personal and professional lives. In building the membership I began to understand the power of building a network as each person who came into the organization had something to offer. The key to my success in the organization was my ability to share the organization with others. I learned the following that I hope will help you to build your network:

1: Believe in what you are representing!!!

2: Share what you are doing with others!!!

3: Exchange information!!!

4: Follow up!!!!

5: Ask the right questions!!!

6: Meet the needs of those you are interacting with!!!

7: Improve what works and get rid of what doesn’t!!!

8: Remember you will not resonate with everyone!!!

9: Remember some will, some will not, so what, some waiting, next!!!

10: be enthusiastic and have fun!!!

Advertisement Ideas: Using Your Network!!!

 The key in building your network is to be of service and value to those in your network.  When you find ways you can help your network you can have those in your network help you.  A great example of how I used my network is with my fundraising efforts for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

 When I am fundraising for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life the first thing I do is make an inventory of people and places that can assist me and how I can be of service to them. The 1st photo is me at an event that Dara Benjamin hosted to help raise funds for Relay For Life. Dara is a friend I made through Jaycees who saw my post on Facebook and joined my team and set up a fundraiser for Relay For Life at America’s Backyard. The fundraiser was   a success. The second photo is of me at Skyline Chili in Sunrise, FL. The proprietors Tony and Jenny have been great supporters of the cause. I first met Tony when I went into Skyline Chili for a donation and he told me he had just lost a friend to cancer and was looking to do something. I suggested a night of a thousand dinners and he agreed and not only did one night and donated 20% of the sales but also all the tips for  6 nights( once a month for 6 months). In using my network over the years I have raised over $15,000 for The Relay For Life. The question is how are you using your network? There are many ways your network can benefit you:

 1: They can help you meet other people who can further your goal and objectives such as Bert Oliva, who I had the pleasure of working with at his Power Drive Expo, which put me in contact with people who could benefit from my services.

 2: They can support you in your endeavors such as the people pictured here who helped to make The Spiritual Entrepreneur Visionary Awards in March of 2012 a success.

 3: They can help you hone your skills as was the case when I interviewed Danitra Rogers of The Miami Fury thanks to Gayla Harrington, the owner of The Miami Fury, who liked my idea of doing videos titled Miami Fury Up Close and gave me the chance to be the interviewer.

4: Your network can help you fit the pieces together so that you exceed your goals and objectives.

 As you answer the question of how deep is your network you it will open up many avenues to help you become successful in all of your endeavors.

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