Advertisement Ideas: Frequency And Consistency Are The Keys To Success!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Frequency And Consistency Are The Keys To Success!!!!

 In marketing and advertising one of the keys for a successful campaign is consistency. Ask yourself am I being consistent with my message? Am I using the same logo with a consistent brand message or tag line? Am I sharing a message that is memorable that will put me on the top of the mind of  my target audience? In being consistent with your message you create a brand awareness so that when someone is ready to utilize your product or service they call you instead of your competitor.  Ask yourself do I consistently advertise or market myself and my services or do I do it on occasion?  The key is to continually be out in the marketplace so that when someone is seeking your product or services they see you and are compelled to do business with you.

 How many times a day do you market your product or services? The more times people see you the greater the chance you have to capture them as customers/clients. When I sold advertising for Forum Publishing Group I would hear I advertised once and it didn’t work. I felt like say NO S***, what did you expect a miracle after one advertisement?  I have come to the conclusion that many entrepreneurs and marketing executives just do not get it when it comes to advertising and marketing? Many think oh I’ll place an advertisement one time and people will respond. My answer survey says XXX as it is proven that the consumer needs to see an ad 6-8 times before they respond unless they are in the buying cycle at that time.  It is very rare when a one time ad gets a response, however there are exceptions to every belief. The key is the more you put yourself out there the more chances you have to capture your audience and thus turn the ads into sales.

Advertisement Ideas: Examples of Frequency and Consistency Working!!!!

 On September 1, 2013 I began my fundraising campaign for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton, FL.  I started by telling my story and sharing it across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as in person. As of today I have raised $898 dollars. When someone visits and makes a donation I recognize them and thank them publicly for their support. By doing this on a consistent basis I have had much success. By advertising this and incorporating a consistent message I have been featured at in the community news section. By being consistent I have been able to create credibility, peak people’s interest, and have success in this fundraising effort.  Ask yourself am I being consistent in my message.

 I have always stated that in life you can create your own opportunities by being consistent and constantly seeking opportunities. I am a professional public address announcer and every time I hear of a new team coming into the area I research the team and find the contact information then I call and introduce myself and explain that I am a professional public address announcer. I have landed many gigs with this approach. Most recently I approached The South Florida Gold of The American Basketball Association and as a result was hired as The PA Announcer for The Season. I have dome 4 games and the team is 4-0 and everyone has said the same thing, you have an awesome voice.  I now have another team to add to my resume because I am frequently seeking opportunities and am consistent with my message. How are you reaching out to people and finding opportunities.

 I recently launched an Internet TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Wednesday at 8:00 PM. I close each show with my catch phrase Stay Positive. I have been using this catch phrase in signing emails and closing out blog entries and as a result have become known as The Positive Broadcaster. My audience continues to grow as this is a weekly show and because of the frequency of the show being aired more and more people are finding the show. In keeping the message consistent and deciding what audience I want to reach I have been able to continue to have success.

Advertisement Ideas: Why Frequency And Consistency Are Keys To Success!!!

 It is said how you do anything is how you do everything. If you are inconsistent with your marketing and advertising you are probably inconsistent with other areas of your business and this is why you may be struggling. If you are consistently making excuses you are not progressing. Ask yourself how many times a day am I sharing my business with others? It is important to have frequency and consistency because the more people you speak to and the more consistent your message is the better chance you have of increasing your customer/client base and thus increasing your revenue. The bottom line is that if you are not marketing your business properly eventually you will not have a business to market.

 Success comes from having a consistent message that is seen on many occasions by your desired target audience. It is through frequency and consistency that you create more clients/customers, retain more customers/clients, and increase your revenue. Ask yourself what am I going to do to have more frequency &  consistency in my business today?

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