Advertisement Ideas: Going Old School!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Going Old School!!!

Today’s entry was inspired by the happenings of this afternoon as I went back to the old school of doing things and took my message to the streets visiting local businesses as I collected for The 2014 American Cancer Society Relay For Life. I decided instead of waiting while my oil was being changed in my car that I would walk the corporate park and visit local businesses. I ignored the no soliciting signs that were posted on the business as I think anyone who is not receptive to soliciting is missing out on opportunities because you never know who is walking into your business. In my case I represent many opportunities for business people to build their brand and giving me the opportunity to speak to them is very advantageous. The businesses do not know me and do not know what I can do for them so after I asked for donations I gave them my business card and told about The Internet TV, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Wednesday at 8:00 PM and invited them to be a guest. The gentleman who said he wasn’t interested the minute I walked in the door lost out on a great opportunity. The gentleman that asked me if the money goes to where I say it goes reached into his pocket and donated $20 when I shared my story and he is going to call me to be on my TV show. When you go old school and do things person to person you get better results as you begin to build a relationship and thus create more opportunities.  It isn’t about selling the person it is about sharing information and having the person who you speak with share with the people he or she knows.  One company I stopped into had a receptionist that seemed to be put off when I came in and when she said I have some guy collecting donations, I said I am not just some guy I am Jonathan JDOGG Lederman and I am well-connected in the community. When her office manager came out she  was very cordial and listened to what I said and stated they already do Relay for Life but she could find $1 to support me. I left her my card and she thanked me for coming in.

 In going old school you can eat up the competition and score high in brand recognition and revenue building. When was the last time you got from out behind the computer and walked a shopping plaza to introduce yourself to the businesses in your community. When was the last time you picked up the phone to call someone just to see if you could meet with them about how you both can benefit from collaborating. I often use a 3 foot rule, where if someone is within 3 feet of me I will talk to them. I recently did this while out promoting The South Florida Gold of The American Basketball Association, simply by asking people if they liked basketball. If they said yes I gave them a voucher for free tickets. The idea here was get them to got to the game have them enjoy the experience and next time they will buy their tickets.  When you put yourself  out in the community and share who you are and what you do you find many successes. Last weekend as I mentioned in a previous post I went to The AYFL Cheerleading Championships and they allowed me to announce about my Relay For Life and that I was collecting donations then I walked The Lacrosse Tournament asking for donations, when it was all said and done $280 was raised in just under 3 hours. Imagine as a business if you were able to promote at these events what it could do for you.

 The idea is easy instead of complaining and pointing fingers take action and get out of the office and start promoting yourself. I spoke to a jeweler the other day who was complaining how bad things were and how he was struggling. I asked him have you connected with past customers to ask them if they knew anyone who might be desiring your services. He said no. I suggested that he call past customers(10 a day) and just check in to see if they might need more jewelry or if they had gold to sell or knew of anyone who could benefit from his services. His answer I don’t have time for that. I wished him a good day and went on about my business. The old school way is to take action and to be proactive so that your business grows. I have countless stories of me reaching out to people using the phone or seeing them in person that have led to paying gigs as a PA Announcer or Emcee. I recently had an encounter where I introduced myself to someone hanging a flier for her event I asked do you have an emcee she said no and asked what I would charge for 2 hours I said I normally would charge $200 but since you are doing it for charity I can do it for $75 The next day I received a call and was hired. The concept is easy if you are going to be successful in business you must be willing to interact with people and create opportunities.

 It is time to stop making excuses for why you aren’t going out into the community and why you aren’t promoting your business. It is time to go old school and formulate a plan that includes making human contact. It is proven that people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. By putting yourself out into the community and doing it old school you will find success. Always have your literature readily available to share as you never know who you might meet while out doing it old school.

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