Advertisement Ideas: How To Shift From Lack To Abundance Thinking!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Shift From Lack To Abundance Thinking!!!!!


 Today I heard it again when I approached someone about being on my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on Wednesday at 8:00 PM EDT at www.wrpbitv.com, I can not afford it. I made it a point to explain to them that there is no fee to appear on my show and that by appearing on the show they are reaching an audience of over 48,000 viewers. I did explain that I offer people an opportunity to buy their clip for $100 and the clip is fully edited with contact information, however they are not obligated to purchase the clip.  I was following up on lead and heard I don’t have the time and I though okay people you are coming from a position of lack and this is holding you back. It was after my last encounter when I hear I tried Internet before and it didn’t work that I was motivated to write this article to help all business owners and all those involved in marketing to go from a lack mindset to an abundance mindset.  Ask yourself what opportunities have I turned down and made excuses why not to invest in my business?

 Changing your mindset from lack to abundance will help to market yourself and you will begin to attract the people that are meant to do business with you. I went into a business yesterday to ask them about being on my  Internet TV Show and I asked the gentleman who is ideal client was and he said every women who wants clothes. My mind immediately went to wrong answer if you don’t know your target audience you will not succeed. I always do my best to peel back the onion so that I can frame an interview around the business person so they can tell their story and resonate with their desired target audience. Again the idea is to shift from a lack mentality to a mindset of abundance. In  knowing who your target audience is and understanding that this audience is abundant and you can reach them through various platforms you will begin to experience abundance in your business.

 In understanding that you have enough to invest in marketing will transform the way you do business.  It is understanding that what you focus on expands creates the circumstances that you find yourself in. If you say I don’t have enough money to do that or I can’t afford it the universe will keep you in lack whereas if you say I will find the money or I am changing my priorities to create cash flow the universe will conspire to create abundance.

Advertisement Ideas: Strategies to Go From Lack To Abundance!!!

 The first strategy is to understand you are enough and you have enough. In her book You Are Enough, Rev. Dr. Dee Adio Moses gives you 12 steps to create wealth, health, love, and happiness.  There are many personal development books like this that can help you shift from the lack mindset to the abundant mindset.

 Another strategy is to seek opportunities and be open to receive. In your advertising it is important to create brand awareness and recognition thus creating a buzz and having your business associated with media outlets and charitable causes that are in tune with your belief system. There are so many opportunities for you as a business owner or marketing executive that you should never go a day without being seen in the marketplace. Inexpensive ways to get your name out and go from lack to abundance is a professional car magnet that you can place on the driver side and passenger side of your car.  Another inexpensive way to create a buzz about your business is to create followers who will give you testimonials or recommendations and then use them in your advertising. The key is to stop thinking you can’t and begin thinking you can and start doing. In my last blog entry I spoke of the importance of putting yourself out there because the more people who know about you the more chance you have to create a following that leads to brand awareness and more revenue.

 Networking is a great way to shift from  a lack mindset  to a mind-set of abundance. The key here is to be of service and value and build people up so in turn they will build you up. When you go out to promote your business don’t look for a direct sale from the person you are speaking with but ask if they know people who can benefit from your product or service and then give them leads of people who you know that can benefit from their service. I have found that when I am of service and value that I am in a position of abundance. It is as Zig Ziglar stated when you help others get what they want you get what you want.

Advertisement Ideas: Being Abundant!!!!

 I encourage you to use this in your promotional and marketing material as a tag of Abundance do you have it? Do you want it? Come visit ________________ or call _________________ to learn how to have all that you desire with our products and services……

You can have abundance and prosperity in your business simply by eliminating excuses and taking advantage of opportunities as they are being presented. Stay Positive!!!

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