Advertisement Ideas: How To Choose The Correct Opportunity!!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: How To Choose The Correct Opportunity!

 How many times have you used the phrase I am not interested? How many times has your lack of interest cost you business? How many opportunities have you let slipped past you in the last 6 months that could have made a difference in your business? Each day we are bombarded by opportunities and each day we as business people must decide which is the correct opportunity? In many instances we may not have time to look at  or listen an unsolicited proposal so we blow it off and lose out on what could have been a great opportunity. Instead of blowing people off I would suggest stating to someone I would like to talk to you about this however I work on appointments to go over opportunities I have an opening in my schedule on___________ would you be able to speak to me then. A good person will answer yes I can or I have other appointments however  will leave you the information and follow-up with you.  The idea is to be open to receive information as you never know how someone can be of value and service to you. In many cases the people struggling in business are those who do not look at opportunities or seek opportunities.

 In his book Soul Currency  Ernest Chu states he asks all that he works with if they are open to receive. He asks this question as he knows that when you are open to receive more opportunities that make sense will be presented to you.  The question remains how do I choose the correct opportunity? The first factor is to see if the opportunity serves you in a positive way. The second factor is does this opportunity put me in front of my desired customer/client? The third factor is doe it make sense financially? By using these 3 factors you can choose the correct opportunity.

 When choosing the correct opportunity you must put all the negatives and the position of lack aside and look at the positives and come from a perspective of abundance. Over the years I have run into many people who told me they were not interested. I run into these people from time to tine and the position of lack that they were in when I first approached them is the position they are still in.

 I think of the opportunities that I offer to business people and am often perplexed when they do not take advantage of the opportunity because they are busy making excuses or blaming others for their struggle. I host an Internet TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on www.wrpbitv.com on Wednesday Night at 8:00 PM EDT. I bring people into the studio to tape a segment and present an opportunity for them to purchase a fully edited segment for $100. I am surprised by how many people don’t make the investment of $100. A professional clip as seen on TV is valuable as it creates credibility, gives you a solid marketing tool, and shows your professionalism. I have had marketing coaches in the studio who haven’t bought their clip yet they are going to show you how to market when they aren’t marketing themselves. For a marketing coach, a life coach, or a business coach The opportunity to buy and purchase their clip is a correct opportunity. For a business owner having a 10 minute fully edited clip to use in their marketing is the correct opportunity as when utilized across your marketing platforms you will attract the audience you desire and thus strengthen your brand and create more revenue. The other advantage is that at the end of the year you can write off the $100 as a business expense and decrease your taxable income. Now you know why this is the correct opportunity.

Advertising Ideas: Some Correct Opportunities!!!!

 Aligning yourself with a professional sports team or a youth sports team is a great opportunity to reach your desired target audience if their fans fall into the category of customers/clients that you seek. In the case of the South Florida Gold they will be playing in Coral Springs, Royal Palm Beach, and Boca Raton and will be reaching many families. You can visit www.sflgold to learn more about the team and the opportunities they have for you to promote your business.

 Being associated with your local Relay For Life is a correct opportunity as clients/customers like to do business with those perceived to be helping charitable causes in the community. I have set up a web page at http;//main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg1 where  people can make a donation and put their name and business website in the comments section to show others that they supported the effort to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. For those supporting my effort I also do public thank yous across my social media platforms to promote the businesses that support my effort and as a result many obtain new clients.

Advertisement Ideas:  What Opportunities Are You Choosing!!!!!

 Now is the time to get on the opportunity road and find innovative and creative ways to strengthen your brand and build your revenue. The opportunity is knocking will you answer the door? If you seek help in finding opportunities call 954-254-8227. Stay Positive!!!


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