Advertisement Ideas: Make It Happen With Catchy Content


As I sat at the Dunkin Donuts Tonight doing my radio show, Get Motivated With Jonathan “JDOGG” Lederman heard on Monday from 7-8 PM EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/thirdeyeradio1 I realized that with catchy positive phrases based in a spiritual perspective the media and those around you will pay attention. Tonight I had Reverened Bryan Anthony on from Orlando his observastions were incredible especially the acroynym for TRUST(Together Responsible Understanding Sharing Together). As soon as I got of the air I immediately thought using this philosophy a positive mesaage can get out into the media. I commented on air that CNN means Constantly Negative News I found I was combating this by delivering a positive show and encourage people to change the way they think about things.  The key is to realize it is all how we present things when the media says 10% of home are in foreclosure I turn it around and say 90% of people are making their payments.When the media states 9 % of the population I say 91% of the people are working.

Realizing that 90% of all media releases end up in the trash, I have developed a way to get noticed by creating awesome angles to get the stories that I write noticed. For example a women that lost over 50 pounds decided to enter a beauty pageant, my headline was Local Mom Hopes To Go From Pudgy to Pageant Queen, the story received 4 inquiries and was run in 4 publications. Another Women statrted a group to help moms of addicts and my headline was The Addict’s Mom a Place to Share Without Shame the story will air on channel 5 and two radio stations. The point is to make sure you use catchy headlines to grab the reader of your media release, to keep their attention, and to leave them wanting more.

I have  learned that people want entertainment and information and when you caan combine the two you can successfully receive media coverage. When dealing with the newspapsers and magazines talk to reporters, when dealing with radio stations connect with program mangagers and producers, when dealing with TV speak to assigment desk managers or producers. If you have a catchy headline with entertaining content you will increase your chances of getting noticed. Use quotes and facts and figures to back up your story.

This week think of new creative way to promote who you are and what you do and let me know yor results.

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