Advertisement Ideas:Put Out Or Get Out!!!!


Advertisement Ideas: Put Out Or Get Out!!!

 I have been doing marketing and media relations for over 30 years and have lived by the concept of put out or get out.  This concept simply means either you put yourself out there and promote who you are and what you do or you simply get out of your business. Too many people go into business today with out and idea of how they will market themselves and how they will advertise and garner interest in their business.  I was at Starbucks today and overheard a gentleman trying to sell his services to a potential client and he had no marketing materials all he kept doing was talking and talking and telling of all he did. he kept telling stories of his successes however had no testimonials or anything to give to the potential client. The first thing you should have when putting yourself out there is a brochure to give to potential clients or at least a business card that capsulesizes who you are and what you do.

 I have written about the three-foot rule in this blog before. It is simple if someone is within 3 feet of you talk to them as you never know where the interaction may lead. Today I overheard a group of people speaking at Starbucks about empowerment. As I walked by them I stopped and said sorry to interrupt but I heard you speaking bout empowerment and wanted to give you my business card, I am Jonathan JDOGG Lederman and I am known as the positive broadcaster, If I can be of help to you in getting your word out please connect with me. By having my business card I was able to make a connection and now it is up to the universe to see what happens.

 When you get up in the morning you as a business owner or marketing executive should have a plan on how you are going to put yourself out there. Are you going to introduce yourself to people you do not know who can benefit from your products or services, are you going to place advertisements in electronic and print media to create a buzz about your business, are you going to send emails to people who you believe can benefit from who you are and what you do, or are you going to make excuses as to why you aren’t putting yourself out there.  Ask yourself what advertising choices an I making to create brand awareness so that when someone seeks my product or service they connect with me first. Are you one of those who when approached to market yourself says I can’t afford to advertise or are you the one who understands that advertising is an investment and something to do everyday?  It is important to understand that and investment in advertising and marketing  is important to leverage yourself as the go to person in your respective industry and thus you become part of the 5% of the population who create wealth.

There are many levels to putting yourself out there. Decide what your message is? Determine who you want to reach and how you will reach them. Create ways that get you noticed. Talk to people. Do not attend networking events with the intention of making a  sale attend networking events to meet those who can refer business to you and who you can refer business to.

Advertisement Ideas: Put Out Or Get Out Success Stories

 I recently found out about this new ABA Basketball Team. I visited their website www.sflgold.com. I called the contact number and the voice mail was full so I sent an email. I received a call and after a discussion with the team owner I was hired as The Public Address Announcer, that is a service I offer to sports teams and entertainment venues. It was in putting myself out there, being authentic and transparent, and showing how I can be of service and value that I landed the gig for the 2013-2014 season. How many times have you stopped from putting yourself out there as you were afraid the potential client would say no? When I stopped worrying about the no I began to get the yes as illustrated by this story.

 For those who are frequent visitors to this blog you know that I am very involved in The Relay For Life and for 2014 I have set up the following website http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jdogg1 to raise funds to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. I also go business to business to solicit donations. As a result of putting myself out there I have been able to secure clients and announcing gigs as being tied in with a charity gives me an opportunity to lead into what I do when I am not volunteering.

 Now is the time to put out or get out. The choice is yours. If you seek assistance in putting yourself out there connect with me as I am a walking testimonial of what happens when you reach out and promote yourself. Stay Positive!!!

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