Advertisement Ideas: The Government Is Shutdown But We’re Open For Business!!!


Advertisement Ideas: The Government Is Shutdown But We’re Open For Business!!!!!

So the politicians couldn’t get their heads out of their asses long enough to keep The Federal Government open. This has created quite the stir and buzz around coffee shops like Starbucks and the local barbershop. The chatter across social media such as Twitter and Facebook has been fast and furious with many opinions. As I heard conversations and monitored social media I thought how many businesses would like to have people talking about them? I figured every business could use some for of publicity like The Federal Government, after all it is all about creating a buzz. That is when I came up with the idea of using the shutdown as a theme  in marketing and advertising and thus thought of programs like:

1: While the Government is shutdown enjoy a 10% discount on all products or services.

2:  So your plans to visit the museum and the national parks went astray come spend some time with us and receive special rates.

3: Government Shutdown got you upset work off your anger with us and receive a special rate.

4:  Post a note though your Federal Government is closed we are open.  Then implement a program to drive business. If you are a restaurant offer a buy an entrée receive another at 1/2 price, if you are a business coach maybe do something like special distress program $50 off, if you are a hair salon maybe do something like styling and cuts $3 off during Federal Government Shutdown.

    The idea is to use this shutdown as a catalyst to bring in business. Tying in current events to your marketing and advertising is an easy and creative way to drive traffic, strengthen your brand, and thus increase sales. Look at what is happening in your community and capitalize on the events and activities. Remember controversy creates cash.

 We are now in the Fall and that means there are many things happening in the community like youth football and cheerleading. Does your business target elementary, middle, and high school aged kids? If yes then aligning yourself with your local Football Programs can help your business.

 Is your local community doing a Halloween Program? Community events are a great way to promote your business. You can also devise your own program like costume contests, safe trick or treat, reverse trick or treat where your business collects candy and Halloween items and host a party for the community.

 It is being creative across all your marketing platforms that you will begin to create the buzz you are looking for to drive sales, create customer loyalty, and thus stay open for business.  The more creative you are the more you stand out and create top of the mind awareness.

 Look at what is happening around your business and then find creative ways to reach the audience you desire.  Look at your resources and see how they can be used creatively to create a buzz about your business. You can make a sign that reads The Federal Government May Be Shutdown However We Are Open For Business come in and ask about out special shutdown prices.

 You can make this Federal Government Shutdown work for you by being creative and capitalizing on the moment. After The Federal Government Shutdown Ends you can run promotions like We Survived The Federal Government Shutdown Come Celebrate Our Success.   You can submit the name of your business and what you do here and I will come up with an idea that can help you to create traffic and increase your revenue. Stay Positive!!!


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