Advertisement Ideas: How To Really Effectively Market!!!


Content-Marketing-Strategy tangerine digitalAs I work with clients I am always asked what is the most effective way to market? I don’t think there is one methodology that is the best way I believe that an integrate approach  to marketing is necessary. I think knowing your target audience is very important. It may be true that everyone may be able to utilize your product or services, however it is vital to know who your ideal client is. I have  attended many networking events and everyone is busy trying to sell what they have to offer that they never connect on a cellular level and thus are not effectively marketing. One of the most effective ways to market is to listen and then find ways that you will be of service and value to clients/customers. Ask yourself what can I do to add value to the people I am interacting with. I sit in Starbucks and I listen to people and if their conversation relates to anything I am doing I will go over and introduce myself and give them a business card. Some may look at this as a strange way to market, however I can tell you from experience that by being in tune with others and introducing myself I have secured gigs to emcee, conduct a marketing consultation, and to do training. In putting myself out there I have  secured donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life by simply sharing and my reason to relay. In sharing who I am and how I can be of service to others I have  created many income producing activities that also help to strengthen my brand.

Sections-Wear-your-brandOne of the most effective things you can do to effectively market is to wear your brand. Since I do many things I pick one of my projects to wear each day. if I am promoting Relay For Life I will wear my Relay For Life Apparel and carry marketing material related to Relay. if I choose to promote The South Florida Gold, a professional basketball team I announce for  I will wear my Jersey or other apparel related tot he team and have free tickets to give away. Every client I have  worked with has provided me with shirts to wear to promote them. As a promoter of many products and services I must decide who to promote and then have a strategy that will be effective in getting results. Read More→

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Advertisement Ideas: How To Engage Your Audience!!!

Engage in Meaningful Conversations Today as I was making phone calls to garner support for The 2015 American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton, which I am The Fund The Cure Lead for I realized how important it is to engage, listen, and then prioritize. Many of the calls I made were fruitful and productive because of the willingness of those who were able to engage in a meaningful conversation. I had many who listened to me and who were open and receptive tot he idea of donating at if I sent them a link via email.  Some people were not so open to having a conversation and just didn’t get the idea that every encounter you have either via the phone, via email, or in person can benefit you in some way. By engaging your audience and being focused on what you would like the outcome to be you will be able to focus and as a result increase your chances for success. It is time for you to remove the idea of I am not interested from your vocabulary and show interest because you never know who you may be talking to or how the person you are speaking with can be of service and value to you. It is also time to stop telling people you are too busy to talk to them as this does not endear you to them and  doesn’t help you to garner an ally for your business. Today a women told me over the phone she was too busy and had to hang up the phone. If you are too busy to speak let your phone go to voice mail so you can focus  on who you are busy with or the tasks you are busy  performing. I walked into an insurance office yesterday to share Relay For Life and seek a donation and the women stated she was too busy. I said okay and left her my card so she could look up Relay For Life at her leisure.  I walked out thinking wow you are too busy to engage in a meaningful conversation for about 5 minutes that could change someone’s life.  I also thought wow I won’t be seeking an insurance quote from her. Te realtor who brushed me off won’t be getting a call when I am looking for a home. The key is to always make time for people as they maybe be a solicitor today but tomorrow they may be a customer and they may know others that can benefit from your products or services. The idea is to always engage the people you are coming in contact with throughout the day.

Popular Initiatives for a Social Media Marketing Strategy 9 Ways ...Engage the audience by listening. Today I asked a woman for a donation and asked her if she could share the fact that she was donating with others she said she would donate but wasn’t comfortable with asking others. I thank you. I was also intrigued by the work she told me she does so I told her about my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST. I invited her to be a guest. She was open to the idea and asked me to email her information, which I did.  About 2 weeks ago I saw a man get out of his car and I noticed his license plate NFL Alumni I walked up to him when I caught up to him and I introduced myself and gave him my business card. He called me from Chicago this week and after we have a conversation paid me compliment and said I really inspired him.  I was at my local Starbucks about 6 months ago when I overheard people speaking about marketing so I went up introduced myself and gave them my card. One of the ladies called me and said how she admired the fact that I engaged her and the people she was with because many people don’t do that anymore. She was a guest  on my TV Show a few weeks later. The point is when you are doing business or representing a charity it is important to engage your audience. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Sell Your Why Not Your What!!!

finding-your-why.jpg As we begin to promote ourselves we need to make less of what we are promoting but why we are promoting it. Too  many times entrepreneurs and marketing executives get caught up in the what and forget the why. people don’t really care about the what they care more about the why you are doing things. When you engage potential clients/customers don’t tell them what you do tell them why you are doing it. A typical example in when I am asking people for donations for Relay for Life I always tell them why I am collecting using some of the programs that are funded when someone visits and makes a donation. I inform them of facts like we want to provide rides to and from treatments and doctor’s appointments for cancer patients through Road To Recovery  which provided 380,000 rides to and from medical appointments in 2013 that number is expected to increase by 10% for 2014.  The key is to let people know why you are doing something. In business it is when the customer/client buys into your why that you will have the most success with your business endeavors.   Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Get A Frickin Clue!!!



As I was out collecting donations for The American Cancer Society Relay Fir Life Of West Boca Raton as part of GIVING TUESDAY on 12/2/2014 I went into an Army Navy Surplus Store in Boca Raton. I was greeted by an elderly gentleman who has been at the store for some time as I had met him a couple of years ago  while again collecting donations. He told me he couldn’t help and that the store was struggling. I kept thinking get a frickin clue man you don’t tell potential customers how bad the store is doing and how you don’t have money. I asked him a few questions as I am in the market for shorts and pants and they sell these items his attitude was oh those are military pants. He then said in a very gruff tone that he would sell me the shorts for $10 each. I may go back despite his attitude because shorts at $10 a pair are a good deal.  As I left I kept thinking now I know why this store maybe struggling no advertising as they are relying on being at the same location, poor attitude, and employees coming from a position of lack.  I encounter this mentality quite often and I always am left thinking the same thing get a frickin clue.

Oaktree - Spring/Summer 1987One of my first jobs out of college was working for The Oaktree Men’s Clothing Store in The Boca Town Center Mall. I began working there in February 2008 as a Manager in Training and within 3 weeks I was the #1 sales person in the country for Oaktree. I was doing well setting sales records, building a regular customer base, and using my key contacts as a substitute teacher to promote the store. I remember the one thing that always stood out was the idea of having a positive attitude and fulfilling the customer’s needs.  My manager asked me how was I able to outsell him and still do all the tasks of a Manager in Training.I simple told him to sit down and catch a frickin clue as we must have our priorities in order and find efficient ways to meet sales goals and still get the other tasks done. I told him I come in a 1/2 hour before my scheduled shift and punch in so I can set goals for my shift and take care of tasks like putting merchandise out.  I gave him this example you go back to the stock room for a shirt for the customer and there are other shirts to put out get the shirt for the customer and while the customer is trying it on stock the other shirts.  I left Oaktree and went to work with Merle Harmon’s Fan Far a sports apparel and collectible shop. I was bringing in sales and increasing sales but they decided to keep the manager who was married with kids as they told me I could always get another job. I thought again get a frickin clue I was the one who was doing the work and who was showing loyalty to the company. Well they didn’t get a frickin clue and went out of business.  I share this with you so that when you are doing business you get a frickin clue and succeed. Read More→

Advertising Ideas: If You Only Knew How Black Friday Originated!!!

Slave Woman Sold In Va | The Business of Selling Slaves MoreI do not know for sure if  Black Friday had its roots in the slave trade.  I checked the dates of some of the  historical advertising posters for the buying and selling of slaves and they corresponded to the Friday after Thanksgiving. In the 1870′s they would advertise the sale of slaves, which brought consumers to the slave auction.  They made  large profits but may have sacrificed their spiritual well-being. Today consumers are targeted for consumer goods on Black Friday and as a result of  the TV Ads, the radio ads, the newspaper ads and the social media ads we see that this may be working. During slave trading auctions fights would break out and people would be killed. During Black Friday now fights break out and people are killed. In both cases you are left pondering for what? In both slave trading and today’s Black Friday  you are feeding the coffers of the so-called privileged few who have found a way to manipulate you and convince you to stay in a position of lack.  Ask yourself am I any better off with the new shiny object than I was before I had it. states that the term Black Friday does not have anything to do with the slave trade. I wasn’t there so I can only go from the evidence that Slave sales were advertised and many of the dates correspond to the day after Thanksgiving. My point here is that advertising can often be used to manipulate people and keep them in the lack mindset. Regardless of the origins of Black Friday is has created madness that has seen more people hurt than helped. Maybe we should abolish Black Friday as encourage retailers to close on Thursday and then run business as usual and thus not encourage the lawlessness of the few who ruin it for everyone.

want it now You mean to tell me you couldn’t wait for that sexy bra at Victoria’s Secret, or the big screen TV at Walmart, or the New Nike Sneakers at Footlocker.  My recommendation is to get your priorities straight  and ask yourself how will your life be enhanced by the new bra, the new car, the new TV, or the  new sneakers.

Too many of us now tend to worship self indulgence and consumption ... Instead of buying into the hype of Black Friday find something productive to do such as donating time or money to a charity.  You can start by visiting and making a donation. Greed is one of the deadly sins and greedy people will be punished. The only way to stop the madness is not to buy into the hype.  As a business you want to create a positive image so people will buy products from you all year round. Having people trampled at your store doesn’t do that.

... kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions Bible Verse. Remember it is not the materialistic that matters but the spiritualistic.  Imagine if you just kept consistent in all you did as a business owner all year round and did not try to manipulate the public the results you might have. Imagine of you as a consumer did not buy into the hype and manipulation the prices you would receive.  My message is to stop looking at what you don’t have and be more appreciative of what you do have. When you market and use public relations properly you won’t need the hype of Black Friday or other sales to drive business as people will come to you because they know you, like you, and trust you.  It is time to go back  to the idea that everyday is a day to be civil to one another and to be of service and value daily. Black Friday may boost your profits but it may not boost your soul. Black Friday may move merchandise but it may jeopardize you image and good will. So think about how you conduct your business.

My message to you is to stop the madness!!!

Advertisement Ideas: Pounding It Hard!!!


Description Basketball game.jpgIn basketball when we say someone is pounding the paint it is a compliment. The mentality to go hard to the basket should translate to you in business as you need to be pounding the paint, your area to cultivate new clients/customers. In basketball we refer to the ball as the rock and when that rock goes in it is a success. Getting the rock in the paint and scoring baskets doesn’t come easy it comes with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to be better every time you take to the court.  In business clients/customers just don’t appear you need a plan of action to get them and keep them.

Gerald Green Slam Dunk ChampionIn basketball a slam dunk excites the home crowd and energizes the team. In business sometimes you have to go above the rim and throw down a monstrous dunk to excite your clients/customers and energize your brand. Ask yourself how can I pound it hard and create a slam dunk? One way is to look at your resources like your phone. When was the last time you connected with a past client/customer to see if they needed your product or service or if they knew someone who could benefit from doing business with you. I was recently in a jewelry store and the gentleman behind the counter who identified himself as the owner was complaining how bad things were and how his sales were off. I asked what are you doing to promote your business? His answer nothing. There is your answer you can not score points and garner clients/customers or retain clients/customers if you do nothing. I suggested he take out his phone and every day call 10 clients/customers that he hasn’t seen in a while and ask them if they have gold to sell or know anyone who is looking to sell gold. His answer was I don’t have time for that. I thought wow you just told me your business is off and you don’t have time to build it.  I told him my theory about pounding it hard, which is to go out and hit the streets and find the people who are in your target audience and hand them information about who you are, what you, do and why they should be doing business with you. He said no people will come I have been here for 20 years. I said thank you and wished him luck. I went down the street to another jewelry store and the owner who I knew through some of my sales/marketing jobs said to me JDOGG things are doing well I have those calendars you like. I thanked him and asked him what he was doing and he say like you always say pounding it hard, I have  my street team out everyday flooding the area with fliers announcing my specials, I have people calling past clients/customers to update records, I am sending out mailers to a target specific audience, I am attending networking events, and supporting charities. I left thinking that is why one business struggles while another thrives. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Roll Up The Sleeves And Get To Work!

 In my business consultations I tell my clients all the time it is time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. I believe it doesn’t matter who the governor is, who your mayor and council people are, who you state senator is, who the president is because in the long run they have very little impact on your business. It is you who will determine your level of success. It is you who will find the right people to help with your marketing and media relations. It is you who will build your brand. The decisions will be yours as an entrepreneur. Sure you will delegate your responsibility but when it comes to the success of your business it lies with you and only you.  If you choose not to advertise and your business slows down that decision is on you not your competition, not the economy, not your workers, and not any other outside influence. I speak to many entrepreneurs and I hear so many excuses that I say okay which are you going to be the excuse maker or the action taker?  The key to have a successful flourishing business is to work on it everyday and make sure that you are creating brand awareness daily. Ask yourself how am I rolling up the sleeves and getting to work? What can I do differently?

 In rolling up your sleeves and getting to work you will begin to reap many benefits like a buzz in the community, customer/client loyalty, and of course increased cash flow. I was out collecting donations recently after delivering my All You Have  To Do Is Ask Presentation when I came across a jewelry store and the owner said I am not interested things are slow. Granted I look like a salesperson when dressed in a suit and tie but I am also a potential customer who can also refer people business. I said to the gentleman to bad as I could have brought you some people. He argued and said not in this economy I simply asked him when was the last time you called customers you haven’t seen in a while?His answer I don’t do that. I said okay maybe you should consider adding that to your mix instead of complaining, and I left.  Think had he rolled up his sleeves and called 10 previous customers and asked for referrals  he may have  seen a jump in his business.  When things are slow that is when you should be making personal contact with people and letting them know you are still here to serve them and asking them if they know 2 people who can benefit from you services. Remember that every encounter you  have is a chance to build a stronger customer/client base and to enhance the customer/client experience. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Overcoming People Who Suck!!!

... the energy (your spiritual energy high.) Do. Flow. Rest. No suckersIn the course of doing business and promoting Relay For Life I have come across some people who really suck. These people will be the first to complain about anything and try to debate you. The best thing to do is to ignore them and then sage your car, your home, your office and remove the negative toxins that  they brought into your environment.  When you encounter these people who suck take a deep breath and then surround yourself with love from GOD and pray that he will guide you toward more positive people. In some cases you have to just make a decision to not interact with those who bring negativity into your life even if this means turning down their business.

No Negativity Allowed At Javaboi Industries Inc.The best way to avoid those people who suck is to make a commitment to avoid negativity.  When negativity enters into  your work place do the best you can to breath and take it as a learning experience. Recently all the political ads have taken on a negative tone so I just change the channel when they come on or I do not watch TV.  In not allowing negativity to pervade your life you will find that personally and professionally your life is enhanced.  In understanding that many people will find fault with what you are doing because they are unhappy with their life. I run into this all the time as I approach people to appear on my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST. as they will tell me all the reasons they don’t think it will work for them or how they don’t have time to come to the studio or how they can not afford to buy the clip. These excuses breed negativity so I adopt the idea that some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next. I have taken the no’s a s a positive to get me closer to a yes. In many cases I have come to the conclusion that many people aren’t aware that they suck and are making money despite this. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Becoming A Money Magnet!!!

When you choose to advertise your intention of course is to create brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase cash flow.  Many times a reason your business is not flourishing is because of of the attitude you have toward money.  Instead of looking at advertising as an expense and taking money away from you look at it as an investment and a way of generating more money. I always say that I am a conduit for money as it flows to me and from me easily and effortlessly. I have watched all the so-called wealth experts and they all say what I have been saying for years it all comes down to how you look at money. You can come from a position of lack saying I can’t afford to do that or you can come from a position of abundance saying I will find a way to afford that. Many people in business today will cut advertising when things are slow and say I can’t afford to advertise when that is when you should be advertising.  Many people in business today will say it is busy and I don’t need to advertise. Advertising should be used on a consistent basis so that you become a money magnet.  The question is how do you become a money magnet?

Advertisement Ideas: Tools To Become A Money Magnet!!!

In this song by ABBA the singer decided that her plan will be to find a  rich man. This is not the best plan or tool to use. The first tool you have is you and your mindset.  How do you think about money?

God Loves A Cheerful Giver of the best tools we have to become a money magnet is to become a cheerful giver. Be glad that you have the money to give and to invest in advertising. By becoming a cheerful giver you will begin to open channels to receive that will bring you more money. Read More→