Advertisement Ideas: Why Doctors And Big Pharma Piss Me Off!!!

Patent cholesterolverlager Lipitor loopt af » lipitorAs I sat in my cardiologists office debating why I did not want to take Lipitor and would do a natural holistic approach I realized just then why doctors and big pharma piss me off. Doctors piss me off because of their holier than though attitude and the belief that they are the only ones that know what is best for your treatment. Big Pharma pisses me off because of all the advertising and side effects. I asked my doctor why would I take one prescription drug that can cause other issues.  It also pisses me off that even with insurance my echo-cardiogram will cost me $250 out of my pocket.  The idea of affordable health care sounded great on paper but on practice it has done exactly the opposite of what was promised.  Doctors also piss me off because they hide behind their degrees and try to justify the high rates they charge.  It all comes down to the idea that there must be a better way.  Why is is you can buy a bottle of Tylenol in a CVS for $5.99 and the hospital wants to charge you $7 per pill come on hospital administrators give me a break.  Hospitals, doctors, big pharma, and insurance companies have become greedy money grabbers who have no regard for their patients.

Lipitor prescription drug /side effects/ LIPITOR (Atorvastatin) 80 pic ...   Here are more reasons why big pharma pisses me off, the side effects of Lipitor.

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Advertisement Ideas: CVS Re-Branding! Smart or Stupid?


CVS/PharmacyCVS Health (CVSHealth) on TwitterToday, Corporate America is all a buzz about the recent name change for CVS and the decision to remove the tobacco products a month earlier than expected. This leads to the question of whether a name change is good or bad for business?  If CVS is to be a totally health based store they need to remove more than tobacco products from their shelves. They will need to stop selling sugar laden drinks, candy bars, food high in sodium and any other items that are considered to be risk factors creating health issues. The CVS name has come to mean community, value, and service to the loyal customers it has garnered over the years. The change from using pharmacy to health should prove lucrative as the connotation of pharmacies in The United States has become a detriment as they are often viewed as evil corporations out for the big money grab. Depending on what other steps CVS takes in the re-branding process will determine whether this was a smart business move or a knee jerk stupid decision to satisfy shareholders. The removing of the tobacco products may prove to be advantageous in the long run as the staunch anti-smoking groups may be more inclined to shop at CVS.

Walmart launches healthy foods initiative to reduce salt, sugar and ...CVS is not the first large chain store to remove tobacco products from their stores.  A few years ago Walmart removed tobacco products from their shelves and have also added healthier food choices in their stores. As a result their earning have seen a trend upward. Though I only go to Walmart to fill prescriptions and check my blood pressure I have seen first hand the increase volume of people shopping there. How much of this can be attributed to the removal of  tobacco products I do not know, however from the outside looking in it seems to have been effective. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Get Up Off Of That Thang!!!

2010-TSHIRT_Final-W-B-300x216It was August of 1989 when I attended my first ever Florida Jaycees Conference, where I won The First Timers Competition, that I first heard the cheer GET UP OFF OF THAT THANG!!! I thought what did that cheer represent and it represented a call to action encouraging people to get up off their ass and do something.  As I got to know the members of The Coconut Grove Jaycees throughout the years of my involvement with The Jaycees as a local chapter president, a district director, a regional director, state director of training,  and state-wide vice-president i began to realize that what makes them successful as an organization is their leadership and their marketing strategies. The Coconut Grove Jaycees started The Coconut Grove Bed Race as fundraiser for The Muscular Dystrophy Association. Today that is one of the biggest events in South Florida. Today The Coconut Grove Jaycees have a very recognizable brand and  have built a reputation as a top non-profit providing leadership training through community service. The Coconut Grove Jaycees have helped many people to advance in their chosen fields of endeavor and have seen many members become successful entrepreneurs.

coconut passionate customers streets of coconut grove member search ... To put together The Coconut Grove Bed Race The Coconut Grove Jaycees utilized a tool known as The Chairman’s Planning Guide that should be used by every business to plan, implement, and evaluate projects.
Jaycees CPG, this link will give you the format that you can then adapt to your business or non-profit projects.

Advertisement Ideas: Get Up Off Of That Thang – A Case Study!!!

In all my years of involvement with the Jaycees the one thing I learned from The Coconut Grove Jaycees is that you have to take action. When you have an idea take action to implement and make sure after implementation you let people know about it. In my workshops I teach people about obtaining media coverage as I have gotten up off of that thang and secured media coverage for myself and causes I support. below is an article done last year about POINTS FOR THE CURE AND SHOUT OUTS FOR THE CURE, which I will be doing again this year for THE 2015 AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY RELAY FOR LIFE OF WEST BOCA RATON.  Yesterday(8/30/14) I ran SHOUT OUTS FOR THE CURE  during The Parkland Rangers VS. Lauderhill Broncos Pop Warner Football Games and raised $62. This was done by getting up off of that thang and using my position as a PA Announcer to do something good to help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.  It is in taking action that you get results. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Stop Making Excuses!!!

no excuses This  entry was prompted by an interaction I had with someone as I offered to put promotional materials into 25 Swag Bags that I will be giving out during my presentation at The How To Sell Your Genius Tap Into You Seminar on Friday, August 29, at Broward College in Fort Lauderdale. The woman has an herbal and essential oil business who the last time I spoke to her told me how slow business was. Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that I believe there is no reason for a business to be slow and thus when people tell me how slow their business is I always look for ways to change that perception.  I offered to put her cards and a small sample bottle into The Swag Bags she wrote me back that she was involved in many expos where she had to give gifts and would be passing on my offer. I thought okay her loss because of the 25 people who will receive The Swag Bags  2-3 may have wanted to purchase her oils and herbal supplements if they knew about her. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: What The Ice Bucket Challenge Teaches Us!!!


 The ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Ice Bucket Challenge translates into any language. As I was watching all the videos of people taking The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge I began to think about all the lessons that this teaches us and how it relates to delivering your message. What began as a way to honor and support Peter Frates, who is a former Boston College Baseball Player who was diagnosed with ALS, by raising awareness and funds for The ALS Association, , has morphed into a world wide phenomenon where it seems everyone from a local coach to someone like Former President George Bush is taking the ice bucket challenge. Some  like Charlie Sheen dumped $10,000 over his head and challenged his colleagues to do the same and donate the $10,000 to The ALS Association,  Verne Troyer put a twist on it dumping milk over his head while eating a cookie.  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taught us that if you have the right message targeted to the right audience and utilize the right platforms  you can be very successful. In the time frame of July 29 – August 22, 2013 The ALS Association raised just under $2 million in that same time this year due to The Ice Bucket Challenge they have raised over $40 Million.

ESPN recently did this story on Pete Frates who is the inspiration behind The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Now to look at what The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge teaches us.

1: Taking action and having the right motivation leads to success

2: Being creative in how we deliver the message garners attention and creates positive results

3: Developing a following and having them become advocates builds awareness and support Read More→


By Cliff Townsend



Home Leadership

Whatever our position in life we will inevitably be put in a position where we are required to lead,

Whether that position is as a parental leader, a scout leader, a manager or as a business owner or

Someone that others look to for guidance.

To be most effective in our role as a leader we must be able to empower those we lead

in order for them to be more effective and efficient in their position.

There are far too many people who are put in a position of leadership simply because they did good in the field,

However they lack the necessary skills to empower the people they lead.

                    Here are five ways to effectively empower those you lead be more efficient:

      Share the vision

     Leadership Skills – Development Issue Paint the big picture for those that are a part of your team. Let them know that they are a part of something that is

Bigger than any one individual. Let them know that this is a team effort, and without them doing their part the vision can

Never be fulfilled. Sharing your vision will give your team something more meaningful to work towards, and more of a purpose

For the work that they do, regardless of how insignificant it may seem. With a vision everything has purpose.

Delegate important task

Most leaders find it hard to delegate important task, because they feel that if it is to be done right they have to do it themselves.

This is especially prevalent among new entrepreneurs. The fact is no one person can do everything. So it is sometimes better to

Delegate to others who can do the job at 90% instead of the job not getting done at all. Some would disagree, however in every

study that I have ever seen 90% done is always better than not done at all.

Whenever important task are delegated it empowers those who are given the task, because they feel a new level of trust and responsibility. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Make It Pop!!!


LOOK > Cool Balloon Art: Do You Like Balloons?Summer Sizzle Backyard BBQIn advertising and marketing it is imperative to make sure that your message pops and creates a buzz about your business. When one begins to fire up ideas for their advertising and marketing they must consider what  they want to accomplish with the ad. Do you want your ad to create awareness or do you want it to drive traffic.  The idea of all advertising be it print, radio, TV, or social media advertising the key is to grab the audience’s attention and keep their attention and give them a reason to do business with you.  The idea you have must target your desired audience and create a reason for that audience to do business with you.  There are so many choices to make when deciding to advertise you want to do your research so that you choose the right avenue that will pop.

Wallpaper-Color-Explosion-Rays-1024×1280Look at this photo and look at how vibrant it is and how it pops of the page. This is the image you want to consider when planning your advertising and marketing in print your images need to pop. When doing radio or TV you want a commercial that pops that grabs your audience and leaves the audience wanting more so they respond positively to your message. When you hire someone to be your voice make sure that voice pops and helps to deliver your message effectively. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Why You May Be Sucking At Business!

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs and marketing  executives make is that they do not research the culture and thus think they have the greatest idea to implement that will bring much success. These 7 examples show you how not understanding the market you are advertising to can adversely affect your brand image and thus decrease your cash flow.  There are many examples of this in the market place my favorite example was when Chevy tried to market their NOVA in Latin America. They were unsuccessful because NOVA means doesn’t go in Spanish and thus didn’t sell many of that model.  It is imperative to know what your message translates to and how people of different cultures will perceive your message.

 Another reason you may be sucking at business is the misuse of grammar and  punctuation. This advertisement misused the apostrophe s when it was intended to show these events as plural.  I have seen it on numerous occasions where the wording should be we accept major credit cards and it read we except major credit cards. The consumer is going to think twice about doing business with you if you have misspelled advertisements.

Small Descriptive Sign NO ADVERTISING MATERIALAnother reason you may be sucking at business is because you do not have advertising material that is effective or  That effectively delivers your message.  I had decided to launch The FREE HUGS Campaign  and I made a hand written sign. That sign was not effective and did not give off a professional image so I went and had a professional banner made and it was more effective.  At first I didn’t have advertising materials with me Now I make sure I have my business cards and any promotional material for projects I am involved in to share with people. I have instituted a 3 foot rule so if someone is with on 3 feet of me I will talk to them as you never know who you may meet and how they can assist you or how you can assist them. When I sold advertising space I found it amazing the excuses that I would hear and I would walk away think now I know why you may be sucking at business.

Turn Down MoneyMany people are sucking at doing business because they are turning down opportunities. I host a TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT and I invite people to come to The WRPBiTV Studios to tape a segment for my show. I am always surprised by the amount of people who will say no I am not interested and then when I see  them they complain how they are struggling. WRPBiTV offers my guests a chance to buy the clip of their appearance to use in their marketing for $125 and many of my guests turn that down. Again this is why they may be sucking at business. Think about it you have a business and you need positive exposure in the market place and you don’t take advantage of opportunities that someone is presenting to you.

One of the reasons you may be sucking at business is poor customer service. I remember working for Footlocker and the one thing that was stressed was to greet the customer within 5 seconds and make them feel welcome. I would greet the customers and begin to ask questions so that I could better meet their needs. I became so proficient that I had people coming to the store asking for me by name and if I wasn’t working my manager told me that many would leave the store. When I left Footlocker and went to work for Athlete’s Foot word got around and people found me. In addition to delivering good customer service I got to know the sports culture of the community where I worked. When I worked at The Footlocker in Wellington I knew about the Muck Bowl and the fact that the kids liked to buy the Tall Tees and decorate them themselves. I went to The District Manager and asked about ordering an extra gross (144 tall tees) in white to sell for Muck Bowl Week. At first he said no then he approved the order. We sold out of tall tees that week.  The reason you may be sucking at business is that you are not delivering what the consumer is after.

Closed MindedYou may be sucking at business because you think you know everything and are not listening to others. I remember being out one day soliciting for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and I asked a Pizza Place for a donation of  10 large pizzas for the pizza lap he said he wasn’t interested. Guess what 6 months later he was closing his doors. The pizza places that did make a donation received great publicity and business from those involved in Relay. The reason you may be sucking at business is because you are not open to receive.

If you have a business then business motivational quotes can also help ...To overcome your sucking at business put people first, advertise, create a good experience when people deal with your business, be creative in your marketing, seek opportunities to maximize your business.

Advertisement Ideas: 10 Ways To Stop Sucking At Business!!!

1: Know who your target audience

2: Know the culture of where your business is

3: Make people feel important

4: Advertise regularly with a consistent message

5: Participate in local events

6: Support charitable causes

7: Create a recognizable brand

8: Attend Networking events and follow-up with the people you meet

9: Always carry your business cards

10: Put people before profits.

This is a special guest blog done by Tina Pugliese of Pugliese PR!!!

Advertisement Ideas: The Ins and Outs Of Public Relations!!!

What’s In and What’s Out in Public Relations

By Tina L. Pugliese, APR, Pugliese Public Relations


PR experts sound off: “How would YOU define public relations?”

If done correctly, public relations is capable of reaching a large audience on a small budget. What is best about PR is that it communicates in a way that advertising cannot. By using its advanced technique, PR is like a third-party endorsement of your business, products, and services by a credible, independent source.  Here are some trends on what’s in and what’s out in public relations. 

... public relations. Thanks to our great network of editors and freelance

What’s In?

Face-to-Face Public Relations. Studies have proven, and it might be more so in the next decade, that connecting is what is going to keep us going, as opposed to loud pitching campaigns. 

Micromedia PR. Use of specialized tools (usually micro-blogging) like Twitter to connect journalists, bloggers, analysts and PR/marketing together in an efficient, unobtrusive, targeted, and productive way. 

Social Media Mastering. Social Media is public relations. It has now become just as important to create a name for yourself online as well as offline.  Look into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, among others.

Stronger Media Relationships. It will be more important than ever to secure and build stronger media relationships. 

Going Green. You cannot open a magazine, scan a Web site or read a newspaper without hearing about a company’s transformation into eco-friendliness. There are dozens of environmentally themed television shows not to mention networks. Helping Mother Earth is a great thing and becoming the proponent of all things green may help your bottom line as well.  Read More→