Advertisement Ideas: Pounding It Hard!!!


Description Basketball game.jpgIn basketball when we say someone is pounding the paint it is a compliment. The mentality to go hard to the basket should translate to you in business as you need to be pounding the paint, your area to cultivate new clients/customers. In basketball we refer to the ball as the rock and when that rock goes in it is a success. Getting the rock in the paint and scoring baskets doesn’t come easy it comes with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to be better every time you take to the court.  In business clients/customers just don’t appear you need a plan of action to get them and keep them.

Gerald Green Slam Dunk ChampionIn basketball a slam dunk excites the home crowd and energizes the team. In business sometimes you have to go above the rim and throw down a monstrous dunk to excite your clients/customers and energize your brand. Ask yourself how can I pound it hard and create a slam dunk? One way is to look at your resources like your phone. When was the last time you connected with a past client/customer to see if they needed your product or service or if they knew someone who could benefit from doing business with you. I was recently in a jewelry store and the gentleman behind the counter who identified himself as the owner was complaining how bad things were and how his sales were off. I asked what are you doing to promote your business? His answer nothing. There is your answer you can not score points and garner clients/customers or retain clients/customers if you do nothing. I suggested he take out his phone and every day call 10 clients/customers that he hasn’t seen in a while and ask them if they have gold to sell or know anyone who is looking to sell gold. His answer was I don’t have time for that. I thought wow you just told me your business is off and you don’t have time to build it.  I told him my theory about pounding it hard, which is to go out and hit the streets and find the people who are in your target audience and hand them information about who you are, what you, do and why they should be doing business with you. He said no people will come I have been here for 20 years. I said thank you and wished him luck. I went down the street to another jewelry store and the owner who I knew through some of my sales/marketing jobs said to me JDOGG things are doing well I have those calendars you like. I thanked him and asked him what he was doing and he say like you always say pounding it hard, I have  my street team out everyday flooding the area with fliers announcing my specials, I have people calling past clients/customers to update records, I am sending out mailers to a target specific audience, I am attending networking events, and supporting charities. I left thinking that is why one business struggles while another thrives. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Roll Up The Sleeves And Get To Work!

 In my business consultations I tell my clients all the time it is time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. I believe it doesn’t matter who the governor is, who your mayor and council people are, who you state senator is, who the president is because in the long run they have very little impact on your business. It is you who will determine your level of success. It is you who will find the right people to help with your marketing and media relations. It is you who will build your brand. The decisions will be yours as an entrepreneur. Sure you will delegate your responsibility but when it comes to the success of your business it lies with you and only you.  If you choose not to advertise and your business slows down that decision is on you not your competition, not the economy, not your workers, and not any other outside influence. I speak to many entrepreneurs and I hear so many excuses that I say okay which are you going to be the excuse maker or the action taker?  The key to have a successful flourishing business is to work on it everyday and make sure that you are creating brand awareness daily. Ask yourself how am I rolling up the sleeves and getting to work? What can I do differently?

 In rolling up your sleeves and getting to work you will begin to reap many benefits like a buzz in the community, customer/client loyalty, and of course increased cash flow. I was out collecting donations recently after delivering my All You Have  To Do Is Ask Presentation when I came across a jewelry store and the owner said I am not interested things are slow. Granted I look like a salesperson when dressed in a suit and tie but I am also a potential customer who can also refer people business. I said to the gentleman to bad as I could have brought you some people. He argued and said not in this economy I simply asked him when was the last time you called customers you haven’t seen in a while?His answer I don’t do that. I said okay maybe you should consider adding that to your mix instead of complaining, and I left.  Think had he rolled up his sleeves and called 10 previous customers and asked for referrals  he may have  seen a jump in his business.  When things are slow that is when you should be making personal contact with people and letting them know you are still here to serve them and asking them if they know 2 people who can benefit from you services. Remember that every encounter you  have is a chance to build a stronger customer/client base and to enhance the customer/client experience. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Overcoming People Who Suck!!!

... the energy (your spiritual energy high.) Do. Flow. Rest. No suckersIn the course of doing business and promoting Relay For Life I have come across some people who really suck. These people will be the first to complain about anything and try to debate you. The best thing to do is to ignore them and then sage your car, your home, your office and remove the negative toxins that  they brought into your environment.  When you encounter these people who suck take a deep breath and then surround yourself with love from GOD and pray that he will guide you toward more positive people. In some cases you have to just make a decision to not interact with those who bring negativity into your life even if this means turning down their business.

No Negativity Allowed At Javaboi Industries Inc.The best way to avoid those people who suck is to make a commitment to avoid negativity.  When negativity enters into  your work place do the best you can to breath and take it as a learning experience. Recently all the political ads have taken on a negative tone so I just change the channel when they come on or I do not watch TV.  In not allowing negativity to pervade your life you will find that personally and professionally your life is enhanced.  In understanding that many people will find fault with what you are doing because they are unhappy with their life. I run into this all the time as I approach people to appear on my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST. as they will tell me all the reasons they don’t think it will work for them or how they don’t have time to come to the studio or how they can not afford to buy the clip. These excuses breed negativity so I adopt the idea that some will, some won’t, so what, some waiting, next. I have taken the no’s a s a positive to get me closer to a yes. In many cases I have come to the conclusion that many people aren’t aware that they suck and are making money despite this. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Becoming A Money Magnet!!!

When you choose to advertise your intention of course is to create brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase cash flow.  Many times a reason your business is not flourishing is because of of the attitude you have toward money.  Instead of looking at advertising as an expense and taking money away from you look at it as an investment and a way of generating more money. I always say that I am a conduit for money as it flows to me and from me easily and effortlessly. I have watched all the so-called wealth experts and they all say what I have been saying for years it all comes down to how you look at money. You can come from a position of lack saying I can’t afford to do that or you can come from a position of abundance saying I will find a way to afford that. Many people in business today will cut advertising when things are slow and say I can’t afford to advertise when that is when you should be advertising.  Many people in business today will say it is busy and I don’t need to advertise. Advertising should be used on a consistent basis so that you become a money magnet.  The question is how do you become a money magnet?

Advertisement Ideas: Tools To Become A Money Magnet!!!

In this song by ABBA the singer decided that her plan will be to find a  rich man. This is not the best plan or tool to use. The first tool you have is you and your mindset.  How do you think about money?

God Loves A Cheerful Giver of the best tools we have to become a money magnet is to become a cheerful giver. Be glad that you have the money to give and to invest in advertising. By becoming a cheerful giver you will begin to open channels to receive that will bring you more money. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Put Out Or Get Out!!!

In the ever evolving market place where social media seems to be taking over it is still important to get out from behind the computer and put yourself out into the market.  I have written many times about the 3 feet rule and the importance of getting out into the community. You can have all the social media sites in the world but if people don’t know about them they do not serve you well so it is important to get out and let people know who you are, what you do, and how they can connect with you.  One key when putting yourself out there is to answer the question how you can be of service and value to the people you come in contact with.

Advertisement Ideas: Ways To Put Out Instead of Getting Out!!!

Networking_Events-2When attending networking events it is imperative to get to know a few people at the event. Do not try to get to know everyone build relationships one event at a time and each time you go to the event greet the people you meet and then set a goal to meet 3 new people so that you build your data base and also strengthen relationships. Think of the one thing you want to offer those you meet and then how you will follow up.  The idea is to pick a lane and stick to it.  As you build relationships through networking you will find that you are able to convert people into clients as you continue to be of service and value. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Focus, Discipline, And Execution:


Seeing our writing, our craft... as OUR discipline~Recommended Books on the Importance of Execution in Your Success:

I am asked JDOGG how is it that you are successful with your marketing and media relations? My answer comes down to three elements Focus, Discipline, and Execution.  Having an idea is great but until you implement the idea and allow it to come to fruition it will sit dormant and not serve your business. It is said what you focus on expands. This is so true when running a business or doing work in the non-profit sector. If you focus on the challenges and the negativity surrounding something you will encounter more challenges and more negativity. If you focus on the positive aspects of the project and approach it with joy you will attract more positivity and joy to the project.  One element that a business needs is brand awareness and this should be a focus in all you do. I am very involved with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca and my focus is on raising funds for research, education, advocacy, and services.  I have set a goal of raising $2500. Each day that I am out in the community I wear Relay For Life apparel to draw attention to what I am doing and I also have my literature with me. By planning out the day and picking a lane and wearing my brand I am able to create a buzz and brand recognition for Relay For Life.  The key is to focus on a plan, plan the work, work the plan, and make adjustments.   When you are focused with the end in mind you will be able to take action to bring the plan to fruition. Ask yourself what you want from your advertising, marketing, and media relations and then focus on the desired results and take action to bring everything to fruition.

Knowing what you want and then taking the steps to get it will take discipline. If you know that you are most productive when you do a morning ritual be disciplined to do that ritual everyday.  I personally get up and do a gratitude prayer, then after I shower and get dressed I tale out Rev, Dr. Dee Adio- Moses Book Heal your life with daily affirmations and prayer, then I read Marianne Morrisey’s Miracle Minute, then I write in my gratitude journal.  I also play uplifting music to get me centered and grounded. In being disciplined in doing this I put in motion elements to have a successful day.

This is one of Janet Lee Kraft’s Songs on her album Sacred Chants ... I also plan out my day and set daily goals so that I can move forward in a positive direction of my goals. In being disciplined I am able to accomplish great things and continue on my mission to help other people excel by being of service and value. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Hit The Bricks!!!

Hit the bricksThis entry was inspired by an encounter I had yesterday (9/17/2014) while I was out hitting the bricks to promote and collect donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton. I walked into a CPA Office and was greeted by a woman who I obviously took by surprise. I told her who I was and what I doing and she had a hard time wrapping  her head around the idea that I would cold call businesses collecting donations. She made this apparent by telling me so. I explained to her that for the last 38 years I have been fundraising in this manner. I suggested that maybe she should hit the bricks for her business as you never know who might need a CPA. One of the hardest but most effective ways to promote your business is to hit the bricks and get out in the community to let people know who you are and what you do as you never know what can come of things if you hit the bricks.

Advertisement Ideas: The Hitting The Bricks Strategy!!!

Collinsville Relay for Life kicks of Jan. 23In my efforts to lead by example as The Fund The Cure Leader for The American Cancer Society of West Boca Raton  I have a  strategy each time I decide to go out and hit the bricks.  This strategy translates very well into business. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Why Doctors And Big Pharma Piss Me Off!!!

Patent cholesterolverlager Lipitor loopt af » lipitorAs I sat in my cardiologists office debating why I did not want to take Lipitor and would do a natural holistic approach I realized just then why doctors and big pharma piss me off. Doctors piss me off because of their holier than though attitude and the belief that they are the only ones that know what is best for your treatment. Big Pharma pisses me off because of all the advertising and side effects. I asked my doctor why would I take one prescription drug that can cause other issues.  It also pisses me off that even with insurance my echo-cardiogram will cost me $250 out of my pocket.  The idea of affordable health care sounded great on paper but on practice it has done exactly the opposite of what was promised.  Doctors also piss me off because they hide behind their degrees and try to justify the high rates they charge.  It all comes down to the idea that there must be a better way.  Why is is you can buy a bottle of Tylenol in a CVS for $5.99 and the hospital wants to charge you $7 per pill come on hospital administrators give me a break.  Hospitals, doctors, big pharma, and insurance companies have become greedy money grabbers who have no regard for their patients.

Lipitor prescription drug /side effects/ LIPITOR (Atorvastatin) 80 pic ...   Here are more reasons why big pharma pisses me off, the side effects of Lipitor.

Read More→