Advertisement Ideas: Earn Shout Outs!!!


One of the best things a business can do is to create a following of raving fans who when given an opportunity will give you positive shout outs.  Remember that the person walking into your business or calling you on the phone can be someone with a large platform to put you in  a positive light with shout outs. The best form of advertising is positive word of mouth. In my workshops I teach people to be smart when interacting with everyone and earn positive shout outs because you never know when a potential customer will share their experience with their followers.  I have had many great experiences with people while out promoting and soliciting donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton and would like to recognize Fashion Scoop located in The Boca Ale House Plaza on Glades Road and Lyons Road in Boca Raton for supporting my effort to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays by making a $20 donation. If you would like to earn a shout visit and make a donation. Then there is Maria at who donated an amazing basket for the chance drawing who now gets mentioned in a positive light and who I will recommend to anyone needing a basket for events. There is David at Jet’s Pizza in The Somerset Plaza in Boca Raton who is helping by sponsoring The Pizza Lap along with Stella’s Pizza, Domino’s,  and Mama Mia. WALMART and Jeanne have raised $1755.25 and have gotten business from relay participants as a result. The list of those that have helped in someway is amazing and because of their support they will see a return on their investment in the community.

Creating opportunities to earn a shout out should become part of your everyday marketing strategy as it will create brand recognition and awareness so that when the end-user is ready to use your product or service you will be on the top of the mind of the consumer.  IN creating shout outs for your business you also create a buzz about your business as people start to speak about you in a positive light and patronize your establishment. There is an Italian Restaurant in Lauderhill, Goodfellas, who will make you a pizza you can’t refuse who understands the importance of community engagement. The owner recently sponsored The S.A.K.E. Awards and as a result picked up some business as I have become a regular along with several other member of the community who are involved with youth sports.  By engaging  the community you will earn shout outs and strengthen your business. People like to do business with those they perceive to be supporting the community so when the opportunity arises to be involved in events like Relay For Life, National Night Out Against Crime, Cultural Festivals, or other community events make an effort to have a presence at these events. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Avoid The You Suck List!!!

Many businesses wonder why their business is not doing well and why they are making The You Suck List. It is quite easy they have not made customer service or enhancing the customer experience a priority. They have done things to alienate the existing customer who tells a potential customer when asked about the business and thus the business loses two customers.  How many times have you called a large company only to be read a script and no solution to your problem is obtained so you don’t do business with that company and then you use your various platforms to educate other consumers so as to help them avoid the same issues. Sometimes I think that many companies just do not understand that getting on the you suck list hurts their business.

Advertisement Ideas: JDOGG’S You Suck List!!!

Hey AT&T  I am well aware of the money that I owe you for home phone services I don’t need reminder phone calls or letters. The only reason I still have your overpriced home phone service is because I still have dial-up on my home computer as my area doesn’t have high-speed internet available.  I am in the process of weighing my options and possibly cancelling my service with you. This isn’t a large amount of money at about $40 per month. I understand your mentality is that my businesses is replaceable, however think about the reach of my platform and who I won’t be recommending your service to in the future.

 After what I read today about the person whose Aunt died and Citibank was trying to collect late fees and membership fees. The balance was zero but because the nephew never officially closed the account they stated the charges still apply. What part of my Aunt is dead did they not understand? They will spend more money on mailing to try to collect from a deceased person and  not  realize that they are never going to see their money?  Come on people there has to be some common sense that these people understand. If the known address is a  cemetery the chances are the person is dead so simply close the account and move on.


 Hello Chase Bank you make the you suck list because of your constant berrating of your customers who fully acknowledge that I owe you money for credit card purchases. Though the account was closed and the card is not being used you still charge interest. Then you call and write letter harassing the debtor when the debtor has been making every effort to  make payments. Think about all the paper and the money wasted to collect a debt that has been acknowledged and agreed to be paid. Look at the records and see that payments have been made in a timely manner.

 My local franchise group makes the you suck list for not returning phone calls. I called about an event that could have really helped their franchises in The West Boca Raton Area as it is attracting many high school kids, which is one of the primary markets to tap into as they patronage Subway. I personally like Subway but when I call you and have an opportunity for you and you do not return the call you go on the you suck list. You may say but JDOGG they get many calls and can not possibly return everyone. I call bullshit on that excuse you should hire people to just return inquiries so that you have a good rapport with the person as they usually have a platform that can either help your business or hurt your business.  Think about it I am participating in an event that has 175 participants signed up mostly your desired target audience and you don’t return a phone call and then you wonder why your business is off . The answer is because you are not making the right contacts and not engaging people who can be advocates for your business.

You+suck.jpg The reason you make the you suck list is your lack of compassion and caring, your lack of customer service, your lack of marketing skills, your lack of support for the community. The key is to avoid this list by being appreciative of your customers, using common sense, returning phone calls, working with civic organizations to help them promote their events. If you truly want to avoid this list stop the nonsense and remember that one oh shit will ruin 1000 of at a boys.

To be fair and balanced look for an article on businesses that truly get it and don’t suck!!! Avoid The You Suck List!!!


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Advertisement Ideas: Get Loud!!!


As you sit down to plan out your marketing strategy you can take a lesson from Jennifer Lopez and get loud. It is often said that the squeakiest wheel gets the grease well in advertising and marketing it is often the company that makes the most noise that gets the clients/customers. In a day and age where everyone is looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition it is important to focus on letting the end-user know the benefits of your product or service so you are heard over the competition. This could mean doing business in a public place like a Panera Bread, which is what I did last night (4/16/2015) as I ran the committee meeting for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton. After the meeting I was making a call about Relay For Life and a patron over heard the call and  came over and made a $5 donation which opened the door for me to share with her what I was doing with Relay for Life and to give her my business card. By being a bit loud I drew attention to myself and made a new contact. In being outgoing and a bit loud you just may meet the contact who can help you to exceed your goals. Getting loud can mean putting out a bigger print advertisement in targeted publications that reach your desired target audience. In many cases sending a media release to these publications about what you are doing in the community and any new developments in the business will garner you a FREE article which if put on your website and included in your social media will give you credibility and edification in the market place.

Advertisement Ideas: More Ways To Get Loud!!!

One of the best lessons I learned about promotions was from KISS who encouraged us to shout it out loud!!! In a marketplace that is full of noise you must shout your message at times just to get noticed. The end-user for your product or service is being bombarded by advertising campaigns and have become numb to most forms of advertising. As a result to gain a competitive edge in the market place you must get loud. You must also be places where your competition is not. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Using Gratitude As A Marketing Strategy!!!

 I recently attended an Introduction To Gratitude Training done by Jo Engelesson who is an author and speaker who is a leader in the personal development and spiritual development industry. Her website allows visitor to purchase tokens of appreciation that they can register and then pass on to those who have positively impacted their day. Jo told her story about how assuming the attitude of gratitude changed her business. I visited the site and bought 5 of the coins and have handed out 4 of them so far. Each time I have given out a token I have seen a great shift in my attitude and as a result have had a successful day. As I gave out one of the tokens of appreciation I began to think how can business owners and marketing directors and those involved in charitable work use the concept of gratitude as a marketing strategy. The answer was simple incorporate gratitude as part of the strategic marketing plan by rewarding existing customers and donors and also when procuring new customers and donors.

 One of the greatest thing you can do in business or in your personal life is to express gratitude. People like to feel appreciated. In today’s world where people text, facebook, and email receiving a hand written thank you note goes a long way in making a person remember you. Sometimes the more creative you are with the thank you the better. I remember working for The NY Liberties of Major  League Volleyball and asking potential sponsor’s secretaries what their favorite pizza was and then going to the owner of the team, Jerry Saperstein, and asking for a budget to send them pizza with thank you note. He said yes and I sent the pizzas and had the pizza place write a note thank you for speaking with me about  The NY Liberty, Jonathan Lederman. This tactic worked and we secured a few sponsors as a result. I then began to use this tactic with reporters. If a reporter did a story about the team I sent a hand written thank you note. The idea is that using gratitude as a marketing strategy works. I would secure people’s addresses who attended games and send them a thank you note and something with The NY Liberties logo on it and tickets. This helped to take the attendance from 300 fans a game to over 1000 fans a game. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Building Revenue Through Community Involvement!!!


Starbucks Logo.jpg Today I am at The Starbucks in Boca Raton on Federal Highway North of Glades Road picking up items to use in a fundraiser for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton. I normally do not come to this particular Starbucks however while I was here I ordered a Venti Caramel Frappuccino and a Bagel. I plan on doing another drink and snack. In giving me items to use in the fundraiser  for Relay For Life they generated some revenue that they would not have had.  Think about it how many others now go to their local Starbucks because of their support of Relay For Life. I gave them a shout out on my Facebook Page as well so they reach over 2700 people that they normally wouldn’t have reached. I mentioned them in this blog so they gain some positive exposure. Think about how your business could support an event like Relay For Life and use it as leverage to build brand awareness and increase your revenue. Sometimes it is when you give that you get the best form of advertising.

 Walmart is a national corporate partner of  Relay For Life and gains massive exposure by being on every track marker displayed at over 5000 Relay For Life events nationwide.  The American Cancer Society  Relay For Life of West Boca Raton is very fortunate to have a team from Walmart involve din our relay and they are doing outstanding with hosting events. You can see their progress at As a result of them hosting events to raise funds for Relay For Life they have seen an increase in revenue because the volunteers have bought water and other drinks from the store. Many of the Relay For Life volunteers have also begun to do some of their grocery shopping at Walmart. You may be saying but I am not as large as Walmart and I can’t do what they do. The rebuttal to that is you can do something.

 Davito’s Pizza is small Italian Pizza Restaurant in Boca Raton who stepped up ans  sponsored a track marker for $100 for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton. As a result he has already gained me as a customer. For frequent readers of this blog you know my love for Pizza. If I go to Davito’s 2 times a month he will make his sponsorship money back just from me. He saw the value of being aligned with community project like Relay For Life and has even offered to do a fundraiser in August for Relay For Life. If you are a business and you are seeking ways to increase your revenue being involved with community events is a great way to gain brand recognition and increase your revenue. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: What You Can Learn From March Madness!!!

Each year I look forward to March as The NCAA Basketball Tournament begins. I wit for selection Sunday and then I begin to fill out my bracket and I watch with anticipation as to whether the 12 seed I picked will upset the #5 seed or will that little college that very few have heard of will make a run.  This year I decided to look at March Madness from a business perspective and saw many lessons that can be learned:

1: On any given day your bracket can be busted because what you thought would happen did not happen. When this happens in business we sit back and we make adjustments so that next time our choices work out in a more positive manner.

2: The game is not over until the final buzzer sounds. How many games have you watched that have been decided on a last second shot? In business we may be having a challenging day but right before closing we beat the buzzer and come out a head because we kept shooting. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Toucha Toucha Touch Me!!!

 Today’s blog entry is inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show Toucha Toucha Touch Me song. As I listened to the lyrics I thought how this mimics the cycle of customer procurement and customer retention.  The customer relationship is much like that of a pursuit for someone of the opposite sex. In many cases you spend many dollars  in hopes of achieving a conquest and many times the conquest does not happen. Just like in business you spend many dollars in marketing and advertising and sometimes it doesn’t work because your expectations were not realistic or the choices you made were not synergistic with your brand. In business we may not physically touch a customer but we may touch their mind or their heart so we must look at  the best practices to achieve the desired result. When we begin to figuratively touch potential customers and existing customers we  realize how they become ambassadors of our brand and as a result create a buzz about our brand. In touching customers we must use our why we are doing what we do as part of our marketing mix. It is important tom understand that people will not buy the what but the why. In showing your why in your advertising and marketing you will generate more brand awareness and increase your cash flow.

 As The  TV Show Host  of The Anything Bucket at I am asked all the time why would you give a free interview to someone? The answer is simple because I need content for my show and I believe in helping businesses to excel. I also give businesses a chance to purchase the clip of their appearance on the show for $175 that they can use in their marketing mix to touch potential customers or retain existing customers. I believe that when you have an opportunity to reach people and touch them with your message that you should take advantage of the opportunity. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Don’t Be An Icehole!!!

It is funny how you can ask about the same thing in a different manner and get two separate answers. The other day people were asked about what has become known as Obamacare and many stated oh it is bad and the president had good intentions and but the implementation lacked. The when asked about The Affordable Care Act they said oh that is much better it will help more people. One person said isn’t Obamacare and The Affordable Care Act  the same thing? The answer is yes they are but the American public has become so programmed that they do not  do their due diligence and investigate things and go by what they hear on CNN and FOX News making many people iceholes.  I come across iceholes everyday that will make every excuse why their business isn’t doing well instead of asking what can I do differently to improve my business.

To avoid being an icehole you must take charge of your life both personally and professionally you must become aware of your actions and the effect they have on your business. If you are not coming up with new advertising ideas, new campaigns to create brand awareness and create a buzz so as to give people a reason to do business with you then you might just be an icehole.  If you are not being proactive and you continue to be reactive you could be leaving money on the table making you an icehole.

If you do not have a plan you just might be an icehole. If you are not taking daily action to promote your business you just might be an icehole.  It is important to make proper choices as to where to promote, where to advertise, where to share who you are and what you do and why you do it. Remember people are not buying the what you do they are buying the why you do it. If you are not taking action and moving forward toward your goals you just might be an icehole. Read More→