Advertisement Ideas: Making Your Own Opportunities!!!

Hollande's victory is an opportunity for David Cameron to strengthen ...Imagine you are driving and you see this sign, how many of you would take the exit and how many of you would keep going allowing your self-talk to get in the way. So many times in business the opportunities to promote and advertise are staring us right in the face but  we  are so consumed with why not to advertise that we turn them down.  The main key to finding opportunities is to remember you are your brand and to share who you are and what you do with as many people as possible as you never know who can benefit from you being of service and value. Exchanging business cards is a great form of advertising and when used and followed up upon will create opportunities. I remember a day I was sitting in Starbucks with my FREE HUGS Sign and a patron came to inquire about what I was doing and that person needed a speaker for her event and asked what I would charge I gave her my fee and she booked me to come speak to her organization. In sharing who I was and what I did I made my own opportunity.

Do You Know How To Create OpportunityOpportunities abound all around us and when we begin to seek the opportunities they will be found and we will prosper. The other day I was making phone calls to secure donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca, an event I am very passionate about and have raised $1844.61 so far to help cancer patients, their friends, and their families. As I asked for a donation the gentleman on the other end started to use words like I am broke, it has been a struggle, and I can’t afford. I pointed out that these were words of scarcity and that is why he may be having a challenging time. He is a mortgage broker and I know how challenging this field can be at times, however I asked have you gone to banks, to homeowner;s associations, or other entities that can benefit from your service. His answer no those are great ideas though. I asked if he had developed informational products like an e-book, a dvd, or audio cd, that could be sold to those in the residential or commercial real estate market. His answer was no.  As I hung up the phone I thought if one is to succeed in any business they need to take initiative to find opportunities. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Be Bold!!!

As I arrived at IMG Strong ARM to be interviewed by Reggie Mathis for The Ask Mathis Radio Show I noticed the production truck and the parking spaces marked for Flo Rida. I went into t he office and introduced myself. I was very early so I asked if there was a place to eat close by and they told me about Franky’s. As I walked over to Franky’s one of the coaches had a trophy from The MLK Basketball Tournament and I asked if I could see it he said yestand I went into show mode and did a quick presentation. Another  coach saw it and said do it again I want to get it on video. By being bold and putting myself out there I was able to use my talents and  create opportunities that can be monetized in the future.

... Anywhere!! 2596 W 84th St Hialeah, Florida 33016 (305) 827-5366I found Franky’s and was very pleased that I did. Again I was able to be bold and put myself out there. I was eating a sandwich when I overheard a group of people discussing their business and I went over and asked if it would be okay to give them my business card because I thought I could be of service or value to them. This opened up the door to discuss the subject of deflate gate, the situation of The Patriots deflating footballs during the AFC Championship Game. As they left they said thank you and wished me the best of luck. As I finished what I found to be a great a sandwich I thought I would offer to do a testimonial for Franky’s. They said yes and I did a testimonial. Franky the owner then handed me a card for a FREE Small Sub. I walked back to the studio and I decided to pay it forward by giving Shanika the card for the sub she was grateful. By being bold and putting myself out there I was able to forge what will become opportunities to monetize my craft.

2011 [ edit ]One way to be bold is to take pictures and make videos of that which pertains to your business. This is a photo of me with Jessica Childers, QB for The Miami Fury, the team that I am The PA Announcer for. I have been doing Miami Fury Up Close Videos to help promote the team. The reason is because in today’s market place a digital footprint is very important. The idea is when you have the opportunity to put yourself out there to do that and be bold. In my profession the more people who see my work the better the chances to secure more paying gigs.  Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Standing Your Ground!!!

As the phone rang at 11 PM on 1/19/2015 informing that the original agreement for me to host Red Carpet Interviews at a summit was not approved after I was told that everything was in place on 1/18/2015 I knew I  stood my ground and stated that I do not work for FREE! I learned that FREE has no value and if people think that you will do it FREE  they will expect it for FREE so it is important to stand you ground and make sure that people understand the value you are giving them.  When you are advertising it is important to remember you are your brand and that people do not buy the what they buy the why. That is why your message much represent consistency and integrity. In dealing with people it is important to stand your ground when it comes to price as many consumers are now price conscious and  base many of their decisions solely on price. This lead us to standing your ground on knowing your target demographic. So many times entrepreneurs and marketing executives lose sight 0f the target demographic and as a result they try to reach everyone and  unfortunately spend hours spinning their wheels and do not reach anyone and thus their sales drop. The key is to plan your work and work your pan making good choices and aligning yourself with people who will understand that what you bring to the table is valuable.

 When you are selling your products and services it is imperative that you stand and deliver. I have always believed that it is important to be impeccable with your word. I have run into a few people who have made commitments and at the last-minute went back on their word or in the case of the people doing the summit I felt strung along.In the past I was guilty of making appointments and cancelling them however I know understand that the person’s time I made the appointment with is important and they could have  met with other people instead of me had I not blocked out their time.  I have heard all the excuses like  oh I had an out-of-town buyer come into town from a realtor. My answer so your out of town’s buyer time is more important than my studio time and my livelihood. I told that person that the next time they want to come into the studio it would be $150 prepaid.  By standing my ground and letting people know that my time and services are valuable I have gained a reputation as a professional who doesn’t just say he is going to do something but actually does it.  I have heard well I made that pledge when I was with another company and I am not there anymore. My answer you made a personal pledge please honor it. This didn’t sit well with that person so he lodged a complaint with the charity against me. Get real people you made a commitment honor the commitment. I have heard I am not interested and I don’t see why a clip of my appearance on a TV Show will help me. My answer there is that a digital footprint is important and that a clip of a TV Appearance builds credibility in the marketplace.  Read More→

Advertising Ideas:Lessons Learned From Obama, McDonald’d And More!!!

Description Barack Obama at NH.jpgCardale Jones

What can a U.S.President, a Fast Food Chain, and a a 3rd String Quarterback teach us about business?  This week President Obama decided it was to much of a security risk to travel to Paris or to send a representative to Paris on his behalf. The newspapers and all the electronic media outlets were a buzz at what is perceived to be another gaffe for this president. Social media had people calling Obama, ODrama, Dumbo, and other derogatory names. I looked and I thought what if a business acted in the manner that OBama acted and received the negative push back how could they spin it and rebuild their reputation in the market place.  The lesson that I learned from Obama is to make sure you are always putting yourself in a positive light  so that you will always be perceived as someone to know, like, and trust as consumers like to do business with people they know like and trust.  If you look at the Obama presidency you can learn many lessons of what not to do so as to avoid the downfalls of negative public relations. There is a saying that one oh crap ruins a thousand at-a-boys.  If you truly want to be seen in a positive light then you must present yourself in a positive light especially if you are a high profiled individual. People are going to watch what you say and what you do and they may forget that but they will not forget how you made them feel. So when you are doing business, networking, advertising, posting on social media make sure you leave people feeling good.
As I was watching the NFL Divisional Playoffs I saw this McDonald’s Ad for the first time and I thought McDonald’s has done it again. They created another ad campaign that will be remembered and relate to their target audience.Though it has been over 16 months since my last McDonald’s Purchase I have always looked to  their marketing campaigns for lessons.  If you notice the characters in the ad you will notice that most of them will resonate with the 25-54 crowd who today has children and that is one of the biggest consumer audiences for McDonald’s.The first lesson learned here is to know who your target audience and to deliver a campaign that will be resonating, entertaining, and relevant . The second lesson is to create something that will get people talking thus creating a  buzz around your business.  Many consumers want to feel good about supporting the companies where they spend their hard-earned money. After spending money at McDonald’s those who choose to do so have said that they feel good about their purchases because of the perception that McDonald’s cares about the community. One thing I have learned is that it is important to create a warm fuzzy feeling with existing customers and potential customers like what McDonald’s did here with this commercial. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Not Interested Stifles Business Success!

Not Interested PicturesI am always amazed when I make a phone call to a business to offer them something that can really help their business and the person on the other end of the phone say we are not interested. So let’s get this straight you have  a business you need  positive exposure in the market place and a TV Show Host is calling you to offer you a chance to create a digital imprint and you are not interested. Each time this happens I hang up the phone and think did they realize that they just stifled the potential for growth and to have an advocate for their business. When I do seminars I always tell the audience to be open and receptive to everyone that calls and walks through the door(If you have a brick and mortar business) as you never know how the person you are speaking with can be of value and service to you.  Your lack of interest could be costing you the valuable dollars added to you your cash flow that is necessary to grow and expand. Your lack of interest can be driving business to the competition who was open and receptive. One business owner told that if they entertained everyone who called they would be out of business.I answered then hire someone you know, like, and trust to be the one to look over the opportunities that are being presented so as to not leave money on the table.  An appearance on my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST puts you in front of over 50,000 viewers mostly women aged 25-54 earning over $100,000 annually what a great demographic to have. Then if you choose to purchase your clip for $150 you can use it across all your marketing platforms so as to create a buzz and generate more clients/customers.

not+interested.jpgAs many of you that read this blog on a regular basis are aware I volunteer with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton, FL and have set up a website at  and I stand at $1614.82 raised so far, however I have  run into many people who express this phrase that they are not interested.  I find this curious for many reasons as it is proved that supporting local charities can lead to more business. I know that in 2012 when I was emceeing a Relay For Life Event one of the participants asked me what I would charge to emcee a birthday party I gave them a price and they hired me. If  I had not been interested in Relay For Life I would have missed this opportunity. I have  asked all business people who visit and make a donation to please leave a link to the website so I can share their business with my followers.  So again you can see where not being interested can be stifling your business. Think about it you make an in-kind or monetary donation and you gain exposure in the market place and pick up customers/clients that otherwise would not have known about you. I am from the old school if you give me support I will do my best to give you support. Sometimes your lack of interest costs you business because you pre-judged someone and didn’t know the sphere of their influence. Ask yourself where your lack of interest  may be costing you in the areas of brand awareness and recognition, cash flow, new customer/client procurement, and customer/client retention. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Go Over The Top!!!

In football going over the top has been a way to effectively achieve the objective of getting first downs and touchdowns. In going over the top a player puts himself at risk for the best interest of the team. In business and in non-profit organizations going over the top can be very risky as the message or your actions may not resonate with the audience you are attempting to reach or may not be in line with the hierarchy of an organization.  I have  often been the one to go over the top be it break dancing at a leadership conference or asking for donations on a parade route or hanging up a FREE HUGS sign at my local Starbucks. Sometimes my over the top actions have yielded great fruits and scored me many points while at other times I have  been thrown for a loss.  The risk of being an over the top thinker and implementor is great however the rewards this thinking yields makes it all worth it on many occasions.  I was told that many people who meet me for the first time don’t know what to make of my over the top thinking or actions and that this thinking may be  creating challenges in my personal and professional life.  I believe that in order to succeed you must be an over the top thinker because sometimes it is the crazy actions that get noticed and rewarded. I remember one day I was about 14 years old volunteering at The Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon and I decided to get the audience to pledge money for the amount of push ups I could do in a minute. Some thought I was crazy but I knew exactly that doing something unique and different I could raise some much-needed funds for those with neuromuscular diseases. I grabbed the microphone and said Hello, I am Jonathan Lederman and I am asking everyone to make a pledge for the amount of push-ups I could do in a minute so we can help the kids who can’t do push-ups because of Muscular Dystrophy. I did 52 push-ups and raised over $500. I remember standing up at a Jaycees meeting when a local chapter was on the verge of cancelling their Spreading The Joy program and I said what if we ask people we do business with to donate. I was told we never did that before. I asked why not the worst they can tell us is no. I asked them to give me two weeks as we were going to meet again in two weeks they said okay. Well at the next meeting I stood up as told them I secured monetary donations in the amount of $2500 and in-kind donations of over $1000. They asked how I said I just asked. I also told them about the door blocks I set up at the local KMART where we would simply ask customers for donations. They were hesitant at first and didn’t want to do it so I said okay I’ll go on the first day and if anyone wants to join me great if not that is okay too. On that first day I collected over $500 and recruited 15 chaperones for The Holiday Shopping Spree.  That year, 1989, saw us take 64 needy children holiday shopping and feeding 30 needy families. Simply by being an over the top thinker I have  found success. The lesson here is to take a risk and go over the top. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Why You Still Suck At Business!!!

The Four AgreementsThe reason  you still suck at business could be attributed to you not following these 4 basic agreements. On Friday I saw first hand why a so-called marketing expert continues to struggle in his business as I called to ask about his donation to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and his answer it is out of my hands I made a formal complaint against you with The American Cancer Society.  He violated agreement #1 and now I see why he has jumped from client to client with little or no success.Like many so-called entrepreneurs in South Florida he was all flash no cash, good talk but no execution,  and more promises without delivery. What was funny is the donation was only going to be $18.70 and all he had to do was visit and make a donation. Another gentleman who wrote me on Facebook and told me to remind him about the donation which I did several times and guess what still no donation. Again a gentleman that shows pictures of his fancy car and fancy house but doesn’t deliver on his promise. Then there are those who said they would participate in POINTS FOR THE CURE BASKETBALL EDITION AND DONATE $.10 per point their team scored and still haven’t made a donation.  By not being impeccable with your word you are doing yourself and others a disservice and probably costing yourself business that is going to a competitor who is impeccable with their word. Remember one oh crap will ruin a 1000 at a boys. This could be why you still suck at business.

d3e1510971ef73d94527aeee53bd60a7.jpgThe second principle is very important as it is important for you to do what is right in your heart and not take anything personally.  I used to get upset when people would come to The WRPBiTV Studio to tape a segment for my TV Show The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST and not buy their clip as I believe the clip is well worth the investment of $150. Then I realized it wasn’t about me at all and I shifted to be thankful to and grateful for those who did purchase their clip. Those that understand the value of having the clip as part of their marketing mix are those I choose to do business with and to recommend.  It is very interesting to hear why people do not buy their clip and then I remember  that there are two types of people in the world action takers and excuse makers. Those that are proactive with advertising and implement sound advertising ideas and make solid advertising choices are the ones who are successful while the others still suck at business. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: How To Ensure For Success in 2015!!!

As we enter the final days of 2014 now is the time to evaluate how successful our marketing and advertising was for 2014 and to put the necessary pieces in place to ensure for success in 2015. When you look back over the marketing strategies implemented in 2014 will  you be able to have tangible measurements such as money spent on advertising and marketing and  the return on the investment. For example you ran a one week advertisement in your local community  newspaper and paid $450 for the advertisement and the offer brought back $900 in sales. In looking at the tangible results you can make informed decisions as to where you should invest in 2015. One great thing to do is to go out into the community and ask 100 people if they heard of your business and what their thoughts about your business are. This will help in the planning of an effective marketing strategy  for 2015 so that you can enhance your image and have more brand recognition. The more people see and hear positive things about your business will translate into growth with new customers. Have  you tracked how many times a customers uses your products and services? In doing this you will be able to have success in 2015 as you increase the frequency of use for your products and services.

 It is imperative that come January 5,2015 you are ready to truly market your business aggressively and have a plan in place to ensure for success in 2015. Are you looking at events in the community that are synergistic with what you offer? Are you budgeted to use newspaper, magazine, TV, Radio, and Social Media advertising? Do you have a consistent message ready to roll out?  Are you prepared to go back to the basics of getting out in the community and networking? Do you have your 30 second introduction in place with a consistent  message that encapsulates who you are and what you do?  Have you booked yourself to appear on TV and Radio Shows?  Have you updated your website? Are you using the same logo and photo across all of your marketing so as to create consistency?  In answering these questions and being honest with yourself  you will be able to insure for success in 2015.  Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: How To Build A Fan Base!!!


Click here to visit the official website of the LI KnightsWhile I was a senior at Hofstra University in 1987 I had the opportunity to be a public relations and marketing intern with The Long Island Knights of The United States Basketball League.  From day 1 I stressed how important it was to build a fan base and create a following for the team.  Our arena was located about 100 from a train station across from SUNY Old Westbury. I would take stacks of tickets and simply go to the train station and ask people if they liked basketball if they said yes I would give them two free tickets. I would take this a step further and go business to business asking if people liked basketball and if they said yes I would give them tickets to an upcoming game. I would walk the SUNY Old Westbury campus and give out tickets. I would then begin to call media outlets and share The Long Island Knights with them. As the season progressed the team went from averaging 300 fans a game to over 1000 fans a game.  The key was doing promotion to build a fan base.

Raving Fans - Dental Marketing As I reflected back on my experience with The Long Island Knights I realized that not only in sports is  it important to build a fan base but is any business it is imperative to create raving fans. It is important to engage and listen and then prioritize what your fans want so that they will continue to buy your products and services and recommend you to others. We are told all the time have a unique selling proposition (USP) that differentiates you from everyone else in your industry. When I worked with The Long island Knight we had the most unique selling proposition as we had Nancy Lieberman on our team, she was known as Lady Magic and as a result we were able to showcase her in our marketing program. Nancy had many fans who came to see her play and as a result our fan base increased.  We also had a great USP in the fact that our games were considered affordable at $10 a ticket. We also flooded the market with free tickets and sold the fans on the idea that they would see competitive basketball. The idea is to make the experience with you memorable and pleasurable so that people will continue to support your business and recommend you to others. Remember it is important to bring the fans in and to make them raving fans. When you can get people talking positively about you this increases your following and thus translates into more fans spending more money resulting in the strengthening of your brand. Read More→

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