Advertisement Ideas: Creating A Zero Balance!!!!

 Today was tax day and I filed my taxes through Turbo Tax. I paid the $99.99 for their deluxe package and due to the fact that $15,000 of my income was non-taxable and that id did so many free gigs and donated so much to charitable causes I came out even without having to pay taxes and without receiving a refund. This had me thinking about how is all we do in business it is always great to create a zero balance.  This is so true especially in advertising for you are putting money out to build your brand and you want to at least break even on the campaign. The key is how to take the idea of creating a zero balance to your advertising and then making a profit down the line.

Advertisement Ideas: Ways To Create A Zero Balance!!!

One of the key ways to create a zero balance is to invest in your business by utilizing platforms that will reach your target audience.  WRPBiTV is one avenue you can use to create a zero balance as you can come into the WRPBiTV Studios in Boca Raton, FL on a Tuesday or Thursday to tape a segment for my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6;30 PM EDT. The segment is 8 minutes and gives you an opportunity to maximize your message. WRPBiTV offers my guests an opportunity to purchase their clip for $100 which is edited with their logo and contact information. In buying their clip guests have the chance to utilize the clip across all their social media platforms, on their website, and in their emails. Having the clip gives the guest a chance for edification and credibility to be built-in the market place. People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Being on TV seems to create the feeling that the viewer knows you and they will like you and as a result the trust factor is increased. Think about the concept you buy the clip for $100 an d you use in your marketing campaign and you bring in $200 in sales thus creating a zero balance as you can take an advertising expense credit on your taxes as well as the cost of goods sold credit plus your expenses for the travel to and from the WRPBiTV Studios. Thus one way to create the zero balance and still turn a profit is to come to The WRPBiTV Studios to tape an interview.

 Another trend to help you create a zero balance is to advertise in the movie theater across the screens prior tot he screenings of the film. This has proven to be an effective way to spend your advertising dollars and think when it is all said and done you can deduct the expense of designing the ad, placing the ad, and all the other expenses associated with this form of advertising. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Face And Fix Problems!!!

Do Your Best Quotes - A problem is a chance for you to do your best. Sometimes it is in the face of adversity that we can face a huge problem and solve it so that all who are involved are satisfied.  As many of you know I recently had  a situation  with the owner of The Palm Beach Pelicans, a professional basketball team who did not pay me and then instead of making good on his promise to pay kept  making excuses. I had the facts and the back up in my favor so I took to Facebook. He did not like this. I told him he had until a certain time to pay and he did not meet the deadline so I took action.  Another person from another team decided to intervene when it was not their place to do so.  I found out that there was more to the  problems with The Palm Beach Pelicans than not paying me. I was told because of my complaint they lost their venue. My reply is you should have faced and fixed the problem and paid me by the deadline given.  My advice to anyone who is not directly involved in the situation should stay out of the situation.

All Programs open in Other Program – How To Fix .exe extension issue My suggestion to anyone who is hiring anyone to do a service make sure you have the money to pay them if you do not have the money then don’t hire the person.  My advice to those offering services make sure you get payment upfront. I have learned in South Florida there are many people who don’t share the idea that they need to pay for services. There are those who will make promises and break those promises such as The Miami Spice, who in 2013 hired me to do 4 games. I booked my schedule and agreed that I would do the games. I did the first game was paid. I was prepared to do game 2 when I received a text message that due to financial issues they would no longer be using my services. They did not reply to my response or did they return my phone calls.  So the two times I have had issues with teams is from start-up basketball programs who may have had good intentions but unfortunately lacked capital and support to take care of me as an announcer.  As a result I now get payment upfront or only work with those who have a proven track record. If you run a business thinking people will just do things for free because of exposure you will fail. I am very good at what I do and I command top dollar. If you are up front with me I will work with you as long as you make good on your promise and pay me.  Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Open Your Eyes!!!

 I was shopping the other day and I stopped into a new dollar store to introduce myself and learn about their business so I could invite them to be a guest on my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT. In the course of the conversation the owner told me they weren’t familiar with the area. Upon leaving I thought isn’t it important to know what is around the store you are opening so that you can plan an effective marketing strategy?  This prompted me to think about how many businesses & non-profit organizations need to open their eyes.

8x10 Plan Your Work Work Your Plan Print from bellabyte on The  first step to opening your business is to open your eyes and know what is around you. Know what other stores are in the area, where your competition is, what your competition is doing, what the demographics are, what schools are in the area, what organizations are in the area, and what media outlets are available to advertise with. If you are not aware of the area you are in it is imperative to get familiar with the people who know the area. In the case of the dollar store I told the owner that I grew up in the area and I know it very well and if she was open I could help with her marketing strategy. I gave her my card on Wednesday and it is now Friday and no call. The longer she waits to call the longer it will be until she has the brand recognition and consumer awareness necessary to create sustainability in the market place. Open Your Eyes!!!!

 When you vision is clear and your eyes are wide open you will see and create opportunities that you may not have been exposed to before. It is important to be open to receive for you never know when someone will come into your business with an excellent opportunity to enhance your marketing strategy. As an entrepreneurs or marketing executive it is important to open your eyes and look at the big picture for you never know how one unique idea that you didn’t think of brought to you by someone else will increase your brand awareness and potential drive profits up. Open Your Eyes! Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Going The Extra Mile!!!

 Last night (2/23/14) on my way home after Announcing  The Palm Beach Pelicans Basketball Game I had my right rear tire blow out. I didn’t have any numbers for a tow truck service but I quickly Googled local towing services Boca Raton. I called Westway Towing and they were very nice but had no one available to come help put on the spare but suggested I call The State Farm Road Ranger and I did. The Road Ranger came out and put on the spare tire and helped me put everything back into my trunk. I gave him a tip and I went on my way. I made it home safely and today (3/24/14) I went to Gold Coast Tire and Auto Centers in Tamarac, FL.  The staff there were great and they actually came in under their initial quote. As I reflected on the situation I began to think how going the extra mile and being of value and service to everyone who calls or comes into your business is an integral part of the advertising process. Though I no longer have State Farm as my car insurance carrier it was nice to see that they had this Road Ranger Service.  In having this service they created good will and showed that advertising in the proper market place pays off. Think about it I now have a good feeling about State Farm and have a number to call if I experience another blow out.  Westway receives a big JDOGG Shout Out here on this blog and as a result has some positive public relations. Gold Coast Tire and Auto Centers  has now earned my business and will receive good positive recommendations from me as a result. When you are doing business and considering advertising keep in mind the importance of going the extra mile.

 When looking at this sign think about ways you can help your clients/customers and promote that in your advertising. Seek charitable alliances that are synergistic with your business. Show compassion to all that call or come into your place of business or interact with you. If you search for what truly puts you above everyone else and promote it accordingly you will start to see an increase in brand awareness and revenue. People like to do business with those they know, like, and trust. Through an effective advertising program you can show your already existing customers/clients why they should continue to use your products or services while at the same time attracting new customers. Think about what problem you solve and then go the extra mile to solve it. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Customer Service Is The Key!!!!


 As I sit in The Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet dealership in Coconut Creek, FL waiting for the repairs to be completed as a result of receiving recall notices I begin to think about the experience with Lou Bachrodt. When I came in last week I was told they couldn’t get to my car as the repairs required and I would have to come back. Today I arrived at 9:30 AM and waited until nearly 10 AM to be taken in. I told the service person that I only need the recall notices taken care of and his reply okay I guess we are not making any money on you today. If The recall repairs weren’t very necessary I would have left as a result. I am one who believes regardless if you are making money on me or not you should treat me with dignity and respect. This particular service rep is very good at what he does, however he could use some training in dealing with customers. I have always taught smile at the customer, engage the customer, and leave the customer  happy so they will share that good experience with others. As I have stated in the past one oh crap ruins 1000 at a boys. The key is to do as Dale Carnegie says is to win friends and influence people.  The fact that I knew I was going to be at the dealership all day enabled me to plan my work for the day and thus remain productive. I made plans to deliver what I promised and thus began my day at the dealership with an attitude to be of service and value to all those I come in contact with.  As I sit in the waiting area I have seen many of the employees walk by and many seem to be unhappy. This energy does not serve the dealership well an can explain why some of the customers seem unhappy as well.

 One of the employees at the dealership actually made me feel welcome as he interacted me and answered my inquiry about a power source in a very cheerful way. he was someone who gets it. He understood that what he does made a difference. Your employees can be a great form of advertising if they carry a positive attitude and interact positively with your clients.  In advertising your business make it a point to mention your customer satisfaction rate if it is high and how you do your best to make your customers happy.  The key is to deliver outstanding customer service so that when people recognize you brand it creates a buzz where people say I do business with that company and they always deliver. In creating an atmosphere focused on excellent customer service you will begin to create customer loyalty and thus enhance the customer experience. Ask yourself when you awake in the morning how can I be of service and value to those I will come in contact with today. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Video Killed The Radio Star!!!

 As I was sitting down to write today’s blog entry I thought of a new buzz word that I heard this week, Digital Footprint. It was at this moment that the song from The Buggles, Video Killed The Radio Star popped into my head. As I listened to the song I began to think of the transition advertising has made over the last few years. People used to look for information in the print media and now the majority of the consumers that may be looking for your products or services are seeking the information via the internet. Radio used to produce great results for musicians now it is video and internet streaming. In today’s market if you do not have videos in your marketing arsenal you will be like the radio star mentioned in this song.

 On August 1, 1981 MTV launched and revolutionized the way music was presented to the world. MTV is definitely leaving a digital imprint on the world as they now celebrate 33 years on the air. MTV took the lead and over the years others have followed suite such as VH1,  and The Country Music Channel. Being a pioneer in your field and leaving a digital important are two important components that will lead to success in your business. The old adage if you are not growing you are dying comes to mind when understanding the importance that video plays in your marketing mix. Read More→

Festival Of The Arts Not So Festive!!!!!!

 I have always said that you never know who you may be speaking with so you may want to consider the idea to treat everyone with respect and allow them to shine their light as you never know what pull they may have in the community.  I ventured out to The Coral Springs Festival Of The Arts on March 15, 2014 with the intention of collecting donations for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and to recruit guest for my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EDT. It is always my intention to put people in a positive light by utilizing my many platforms to be of service and value to them. I arrived at The Coral Springs Festival of The Arts and began to ask for donations things were going well many people were very receptive, a former commissioner saw me and asked me what I was doing he said great let me take you to the main stage and you can make an announcement. The entertainment chairman allowed me to make an announcement and then asked for my business card, The mayor saw me and wished me luck, many on the committee saw me and said keep up the great work, one of the vendors a local chiropractor donated $20, then the experience went from festive to  melancholy as The President of The Festival Approached me and said I wasn’t allowed to collect donations as this was  not allowed. I simply said okay and she continued to go on and on. I took a deep breath and said I am leaving but before I go do you want good or bad publicity. This struck a nerve and she asked am I threatening her. I simply said no but you get better results with kindness and I walked away. As I went to my care I realized that in business there will be those who get it and those who don’t.

 In the president of the festival  not having the ability to see the forest beyond the trees she lost out on a golden opportunity to create an advocate and an ally who writes two blogs, has over 2500 Facebook Friends, over 1600 Twitter followers, and over 5000 connections on Linked In, not to mention his own TV Show and Radio Show, plus an excellent media and public relations specialist.  This made me think how many opportunities are you missing in your business by not being open to receive. Everyone that you come in contact has the potential to  help you in some form and until you peel back the onion and open your eyes you never know what they can do for you. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: How To Be A Giver And Increase Revenue!!!!

 In business capital is key to the existence of the business. The biggest challenge I hear from those I work with is how cash strapped they are. They ask me JDOGG how can I increase my cash flow and build a solid revenue stream? My answer is find ways to be a giver. Many times they look at me with the perplexed look on their face as to say what do you mean I need money and giving things away isn’t going to help me. It is at that moment where I explain that lack mentality and a scarcity belief system is what put them in the position. I explain that it is now time to shift to an abundance mind-set and become a giver.   In any business the key is to find a way to be a giver while also being of service and value.

Advertisement Ideas: Shifting From Taking To Giving!!!!

 In my volunteer experience with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life I have often been told no and I have heard all of the excuses why someone would not donate $1. The reason that they were struggling personally and professionally was due to the limitless beliefs they had of being a taker. A pizza place I stopped into in Boca Raton told me flat-out if I wasn’t buying his pizza he wasn’t interested. This same owner told me a year ago how he needed money and wasn’t giving anything away. As I walked out I thought he was struggling last year and this year he continues to struggle and he probably wonders why he is not reaping the benefits of having a pizza place in a high trafficked area across from the middle school. His thoughts and his attitude are holding him back. He is an example of someone who should shift from being a taker to being a giver. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: How To Get It Up!!!!

 In business sometimes we need help to get it up. I hope this blog entry will be like Viagra and help you to stiffen your business and beat your competition by giving you solid advertising ideas. The key to getting it up with advertising is to have something that stimulates and excites the consumers. It begins with the right advertising choices. With the right choices used to create brand awareness coupled with a strong call to action you will get it up and see an increase in your revenue. In stimulating the consumers desire to buy your product and services you will begin to create a buzz and have people talking about your business. In giving great customer service you create customer loyalty and thus create ways to get it up in your advertising plans and thus have a strong return on your investment.  Every business person I have spoken with has the same concern how will people find me and do business with me? My answer is like with Viagra you will need to promote the benefits of your product and have great testimonials to use that explain how you enhance the customer experience. So think of ways you can get it up and give your business a dose of Viagra to increase your awareness and your revenue.

Just as The Time encourages people to Get It Up, it is important for you to find ways to get it up in your business. By coming up with creative and proactive ways to get it up you will find that your business recognitions and your sales increase. One way to get it up is to use Internet TV as a platform as there are many shows that are seeking to interview you. I host a show at The Anything Bucket, which airs at 6:30 PM EST on Tuesday. I have had many guests come on and do the interview and purchase their clip as they saw that the one way to get it up in business was to promote across all social media platforms, on their website, and though promotional emails. As a result those who bought the clip and used it properly have seen an increase in their business. In knowing who your target audience is, using the proper platforms to reach the audience, showing leadership in your business, and having great manners you will begin to get it up in your business. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: How to Overcome Negative Press!!!

 It is time to face the facts that if you have a business you will experience some type of bad press while running your business. You will encounter people for whatever who will bad mouth you and your business. If you are doing the right thing you will experience bad press either through posts on social media sites, letters to the editor,  media sources whose agenda is to  spread negativity, or  competitors looking to tear you down as opposed to build themselves up. The question is what do you do?

 One of the key components is in overcoming negative press is to be armed with the facts that build your credibility. When the press brings up something negative combat it with all that you are doing that is positive in your business. There is an old saying it doesn’t matter if it is good press nor bad press just spell my name right. If it is good press you can build on it, if it is bad press you can combat it with your side of the story.  In your PR Campaign it is important to make everything reflect positively on who you are and what you do so that you strengthen your brand. The key is to make sure when people see your brand it gives them positive vibes. When you receive negative press it is important  to be  proactive and combat the press so that you regain a positive stronghold in  the marketplace. Read More→