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Advertisement Ideas: The Ins and Outs Of Public Relations!!!

What’s In and What’s Out in Public Relations

By Tina L. Pugliese, APR, Pugliese Public Relations


PR experts sound off: “How would YOU define public relations?”

If done correctly, public relations is capable of reaching a large audience on a small budget. What is best about PR is that it communicates in a way that advertising cannot. By using its advanced technique, PR is like a third-party endorsement of your business, products, and services by a credible, independent source.  Here are some trends on what’s in and what’s out in public relations. 

... public relations. Thanks to our great network of editors and freelance

What’s In?

Face-to-Face Public Relations. Studies have proven, and it might be more so in the next decade, that connecting is what is going to keep us going, as opposed to loud pitching campaigns. 

Micromedia PR. Use of specialized tools (usually micro-blogging) like Twitter to connect journalists, bloggers, analysts and PR/marketing together in an efficient, unobtrusive, targeted, and productive way. 

Social Media Mastering. Social Media is public relations. It has now become just as important to create a name for yourself online as well as offline.  Look into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, among others.

Stronger Media Relationships. It will be more important than ever to secure and build stronger media relationships. 

Going Green. You cannot open a magazine, scan a Web site or read a newspaper without hearing about a company’s transformation into eco-friendliness. There are dozens of environmentally themed television shows not to mention networks. Helping Mother Earth is a great thing and becoming the proponent of all things green may help your bottom line as well.  Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Who Is Walking Through Your Door?

Collinsville Relay for Life kicks of Jan. 23JDOGG Lederman Honors Community Leaders and Creates A World With Less ...Pin it Like Image


Today’s entry is inspired by some encounters I had while out promoting and collecting for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and seeking guests for my TV Show, which airs on at 6:30 PM EDT. The first stop I made was to Best Friends Animal Hospital, where I was greeted by someone who was anything but friendly. I stated I understood that I was catching them at a bad time and asked if I could leave my business card as I am inviting people to be guests on my TV Show. In was told no and to get out of the office. I left and I wondered does this person realize the opportunity that he missed today as I would have written something positive, tweeted out a positive tweet with a link to their site, posted a posted review on Facebook, mentioned them in a positive light in this blog. He probably didn’t understand the idea that a solicitor today may be a customer/client tomorrow. So think about it you never know who is walking through your door and how they can be of service and value to you. Everyone who contacts your business can be of some help or may know people who can use your products and services. I did call The Animal Hospital and left a lengthy message explaining all the ties I have to people with pets and how people trust my recommendations and if he wanted to make amends I would like to speak to him. I don’t anticipate a return call but I know that it is important to walk in your truth and close the book on issues of the day that may have upset you.

 The Animal Hospital wasn’t the only one who needs to learn who is walking through the door. I stopped by Thaler’s Printing and was greeted by the owner who said that he couldn’t give today to which I stated sir I am only asking for $1 or $2 to help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. He said if he did that he would have to close his business. I then said no problem I would like to leave you my business card as I host a TV Show and help businesses to maximize their message. He said he didn’t need my card or need my help. I said wow you just complained how you were struggling and I am giving you a chance to overcome that struggle. he said I just told you that to get you to leave. To which I said so you lied to me and I left. I find it amazing that someone can be in business for 35 years with the attitude of this business owner. The sad part is he missed an opportunity as I need business cards, post cards, banners,  and other printed materials and I know many people who could use his services Guess what he loses out and will continue to struggle. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: No Time For Assholes!!!


No Assholes Please! In his book The No Asshole Rule Robert I. Sutton shows one how to deal with assholes and  the damage that they do and ways to overcome their negativity. He deals with work place assholes. I have encountered non-work place assholes and decided that there is no time for assholes. Recently I was at The City of Sunrise 4th Of July Concert and fireworks collecting donations for The American Cancer Society. I did very well collecting $248 to help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.  I stood at the exit asking people to donate to the cause. One young person about 26 years old asked how do I know you aren’t going to take the money and buy beer. I should have ignored him  but I allowed my pride to get in the way and I became a bit confrontational and this created a scene and I became the asshole to the point where his girlfriend put her elbow to my throat. At that point I backed off wished them Namaste and knelt in prayer. It was at that point that I realized I have no time for assholes as I stooped to a lower level that doesn’t serve me or the charity well. I learned that next time, don’t even dignify this person’s comment with a reply and to continue to do what I do. I realized that there is no time for assholes because there are many people who will support the cause and will appreciate what I am doing. I have come to realize that what I teach others about some will, some won’t , so what, some waiting, next. I have come to realize that the less time I spend dealing with assholes the more successful I become. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: How To Reverse A Negative Trend!!!

Olive Garden: Free Kids Meal

As I skimmed the business news today and saw that Darden Restaurants had reported a downward trend in earnings and dividends for The Olive Garden Operations I immediately thought what would I do if I was a marketing director to reverse this trend? The answer came easily step up the marketing and advertising so as to drive traffic and increase the amount of visits a patron will make to the restaurant. This thinking is the opposite of what most companies do and as a result of cutting the marketing and advertising budget the downward earnings trend continues. The key to being successful and making your share holders happy is to constantly be in front of the consumer and give them a reason to patronize your business. It is imperative to look at why your sales are off and why the dividend payouts are dropping.  One key factor is inconsistency in the operational process of  the business.  In a chain like The Olive Garden it is important to empower the General Managers of the individual restaurants to make marketing decisions. A good general manager will know who his customers are where they are coming from and how to get them coming back.  I recently had the pleasure of having The Olive Garden in Boca Raton, FL sponsor the survivors/caregiver dinner at The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Boca Raton. The district manager was very supportive and is now sponsoring the survivors/caregivers dinner at many of The Relay For Life Events in South Palm Beach County. As a result of their support this particular Olive Garden is hosting The Relay For Life Wrap-Up Party that is being supported through other sponsorships. This Olive Garden will also see more business as every participant in Relay For Life is being promoted to patronize this Olive Garden. In sponsoring community events you have the chance to reverse a negative trend.


Starbucks recently announced a price increase, which is one way to reverse a negative trend as people will pay for something they desire and perceive to have value. In increasing prices though you risk a loss of customers who may go to a competitor whose price is cheaper. It is very important to keep the perceived value in your product so that you can reverse any negative trends. Starbucks while raising some prices also maintained the perception that it was worth it. Starbucks also is running many special promotions so that the price increases will not be perceived as that bad by their customers. For Example you get a Starbucks Gold Card which allows for $.50 refills on ice tea and coffee so you pay the $.10 more for your first drink but you do a refill so you still save a substantial amount of money. In promoting The Gold Card Starbucks maintains their customer base as Starbucks customers tend to be very loyal to the brand. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Street Walking As A Marketing Strategy!

 In marketing sometimes you have to use the direct approach and be like the street-walker who searches for her clients by putting herself out there. I am not saying to use sex to sell, I am saying  use a direct approach to find clients/customers. Many years ago I introduced a philosophy of The 3 Foot Rule, where if someone is with in 3 feet of you talk to them and see if they may be of service and value to you and if you will be able to be of service and value to you. Like the street-walker you must have your package and your price structure in place. The street-walker displays her wares openly  and draws attention to her self. This leads me to the question as to how are you directly marketing yourself.

 I use  street walking as a marketing strategy by always having my business cards with me as you never know when an opportunity to network and share who you are and what you do with others will arise. In talking directly to people you open up new opportunities to cultivate clients/customers. In being sales oriented and always closing you begin to build brand recognition while also creating a buzz about who you are and what you do and why people should be doing business with you.  Like the street-walker who is constantly show herself off you should be in the market place showing yourself off. Though a street-walker may have many one time clients/customers she may also have steady clients/customers. The key is to attract steady customers by delivering excellent service and giving added value.  The question to ask is how am I going to keep people coming back? Read More→

Advertising Ideas: Kicking Butt And Taking Names!!!!

One of the key ingredients in being effective with your advertising campaign is tracking the campaign . How you track results is very important when you are planning and implementing advertisement ideas.  The idea is to have a kick butt campaign that will allow you to track customers and  thus engage them on a regular basis.   The appeal must be entertaining, relevant, and resonating so that it achieves the objectives that you have set in place. Your advertising program should include a great headline, a great offer, and a tracking system.

 Do you recognize this? It is a QR Code where a client scans it on their phone and it takes them to your website. Once they visit your website you want to have a way to capture their information. One way to do this is to make your site a FREE Membership Site, where the visitor has to give you name, age, and email. This will give them a used code and allow you to then track their visits and thus create a program to target them to buy your product or services. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas:

Using Charitable Involvement To Improve Your Bottom Line!

 On April 8, 2014 I had the pleasure of hosting a give back night for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Boca Raton at Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries. That evening we raised $66.32 our percentage of sales. This made me think why are more people not approaching businesses to do this and why are more businesses not doing this. I normally would not have gone to Five Guys if it were not for the fundraiser, however that night I received my business. About a week later I was meeting with The owner of The South Florida Gold of The American Basketball Association. Guess where I chose to meet? You guessed it Five Guys. Why because of there involvement with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Boca Raton.  The point is that this is one way you can use your charitable involvement to increase your bottom line. In aligning yourself with a charitable cause and advertising the event you will attract people who may not have ever done business with and have an opportunity to make them regular customers.

 After the event you can invite the charity to come and accept the check, take photos of them accepting the check, and then send out a media release to all media outlets about what you did for the charity. People may read the article and as a result want to set up a fundraiser with you or do business with you. In doing this not only do you increase your brand awareness but you also increase your bottom line.  The more you promote your charitable giving the more recognition you receive. I am from the old school where I support the businesses that support me.

 Dick’s Sporting Goods is a sponsor of The Lauderhill Broncos, a Pop Warner Football Team that I announce for. Guess where I shop when I need sporting goods and sports wear? You got it Dick’s Sporting Goods.  In sponsoring local sports teams your business gains exposure in the market place and thus creates a buzz that puts you on the top of the mind of your target audience. As a result of your community involvement you increase your bottom line. Again you can leverage your team sponsorship by taking photos of the plaques on the wall in your location, doing a video, and having a representative at games thus strengthening customer relationships.  The Lauderhill Broncos has 8 teams with an average of 26 players per team and each player will need cleats, practice shorts and practice jersey’s so if you are a sporting goods provider like Dick’s it makes sense to become a sponsor. The games are played on Saturday and after the games the players, coaches, and families need a place to eat so if you are a restaurant owner sponsoring the team has the potential to increase your bottom line. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: How To Use Social Media Effectively!!!

Facebook logoAre you on Facebook and are you using it effectively? This is a question I ask all that I work with as many are just posting and spinning their wheels going in circles. The fact is that your post could be great and very engaging but only 20% of your friends are going to see it. The question is how do you combat this? The answer use the events pages and send invites, direct message those that you want to receive your message, tag as many people in posts as you can.

Advertisement Ideas: A Social Media Success Story!!!

If you are an avid reader of this blog you know that I am passionate about my involvement with Relay For Life. I have tried all types of fundraising and doing general posts on Facebook to no avail. Today (5/21/2014) I decided to use a different approach and I went on my page and began to click on my friends and sent them this message:

I hope this email finds you having a great and prosperous day. I was hoping you could help me with an endeavor I have undertaken to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. In 16 days I will be participating in and emceeing The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton. I am walking in memory of my mother, Judith Miller, who GOD called home on July 5, 2012. She passed due to complications of a major heart attack while battling non-operable metastatic lung cancer. Over the years I have lost many friends and relatives to cancer and thus my way to honor them is to collect donations to support research, education, advocacy, and services. I have set up a page at where people can make a secure tax-deductible credit card donation. 100% of the monies raised are given to The American Cancer Society to help finish the fight while assisting those affected by cancer. As of today I have raised $1666.32 and sit as The #1 fundraiser for this relay.  I thank you for your support.

It worked as I went from $1662.32 raised to now raising $1797.00. That is a jump of $130.68 simply by using direct messaging. Now direct messaging all 2574 friends would take some time however if I choose to do 50 a day in the course of time I can reach those I desire to reach.

Advertisement Ideas: Using Other Social Media Outlets Effectively!!!!

Navigating the social media maze can become very arduous and time consuming thus it is important to pick the top 4 or 5 platforms that work for you. In social media these are things you should know.

Engage your audience make more about them and less about you.

 Make sure your message is relevant, entertaining, and resonating. The key is to grab your audience, keep your audience, and leave the audience wanting more. If you can give your audience information that relates to your industry to help them in their buying decision that builds credibility and confidence in you and when they are ready to purchase they will come to you before they go to your competitors. If you are involved in a charity you want to have a story that rips at the heart strings so the audience is compelled to take action.

Knowing what you want the audience to do is a big part of using social media effectively. Do you want them to visit a website and give you an email address so you can send them more information. The idea is to have social media interactions lead to a conversion rate. As I stated in the example with Relay For Life if you can engage and directly engage the audience with a strong call to action you will meet with success. It is important to reach people at a cellular level so that they will support your business and your charitable endeavors. People will support those they know, like, and trust so it is important to utilize social media to establish these 3 elements.  For example people know my dedication to Relay For Life and they see that across the social media platforms and they also see the articles that have been written about the event that I was responsible for and thus when they seek a publicity person they connect with me.

 The biggest way to make social media work is to be real. People like to deal with those who they can relate to. Share stories of success and lessons learned. Ask others to share their stories.  In creating a good social media profile and being consistent across all platforms you will effectively use social media. Stay Positive.




Advertisement Ideas: How To Make Current Events Pay Off!!!


Barbara Walters stepped away from TV today after a 50 year career. She leaves a legacy of excellence and insight in the industry. As she was saying goodbye on The View I put on my business and marketing hat and thought how many businesses will capitalize on this current event and how many others will lose out on an opportunity.

 Think about it whatever industry you are in you can capitalize on the fact that Barbara Walters is retiring. If you are creative you will drive business to you. Here are some ideas:

 1:You have a restaurant or club you can host a Barbara Walters look a like contest and give out prizes. You could promote this in all your marketing material.

 2: You have a brick and mortar business and you can host a chance drawing for Barbara Walters memorabilia.

 3: You can do a Tribute to Barbara Walters and offer a special promotion like buy one item get the next item 50% off. If you are a life coach, personal trainer, or other service type business you could run a program in honor of Barbara Walters 1st session $50. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Return The Darn Phone Call!!!

Hello Mr. or Mrs. Business Person,

Do you know what this is? It is a phone and it is an integral tool that can either enhance your business or derail it.  How many times have you said oh business is slow and made excuses as to why you are not as successful as you would like to be?  One reason is that you may not be returning calls to those who can be of service and value to you. I have that the lack of returning calls is very prevalent in business today.

As I sat at Starbucks today (5/14/14) working on blog entries and Relay For Life one of my colleagues, Vanessa who is building a new home, sat down and told me how hard it has been to find a shower door person and a pool person and how she has called several and none returned her calls. I said this didn’t surprise me as it has become the norm. We then got to talking about how the same people who didn’t return calls are the same people who complain about how their business is struggling. I would recommend to every business owner or organization that they print a sign and put it prominently in their office that reads RETURN THE DAWN CALL!!!! as a reminder that not returning the call can be costing them business and thus they may be leaving money on the table. Read More→