Advertisement Ideas: Have A Heart!!!

Image result for Cause MarketingAs someone who has been involved in the non-profit and for profit sector for over 40 years I believe that I possess the ability to help many businesses to have a heart. Having a heart means being kind to everyone who comes into or calls your business for you never know how that person can be of service and value to your business. In all your advertising you should be showing people that you are a business with a heart by showing what organizations you are supporting as people like to do business with those that they perceive to be giving back to the community.

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The majority of consumers want to know what you are doing to support causes. In educating them about the causes you support you build their trust and they feel like they know you. People like to business with people they know, like, and trust and one great way to get people to like you, know you, and trust you is to support the local causes in your community.

Image result for Cause MarketingI have seen where having a heart increases business. I was The Sports Memorabilia Manager at Sinbad Sports in 2016 from May until October and I made it point to donate items to local charities when they asked. The owner had to be convinced that this was a good idea so I showed him the stats as I tracked where sales were coming from and I was able to show an increase in sales. In my final month at Sinbad Sports we did $12,000 in sales and I was responsible for $10,000 in sales as I was beginning to build a following simply from donating a few items to local charitable organizations. In using cause marketing in every position that I have held I have been able to show the community that the businesses I represent have a heart and thus the brand awareness improved and the revenue increased. The key is to have a heart and be willing to give as it opens the channels to receive.

Image result for riddell helmets Recently I approached Riddell Helmets about donating mini helmets to The 2018 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise. They said yes and set mini helmets from The Steelers, The Giants, The Patriots, The Jets, and The Dolphins.  have been using them to raise funds for research, education, advocacy, and services to hep attack cancer from every angle. As a result when I am ready to purchase mini helmets I am going to go to a store that sells them or order them directly from Riddell.  When asked what regular football helmets to buy by the football teams I announce for I will be saying Riddell. I use this as an example of what can happen when you have a heart.

Image result for wilson super bowl 52 footballAfter a little prodding Wilson Football showed they have a heart as they sent 3 Superbowl LII Footballs to use in the fundraising efforts for The 2018 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise. In doing so they have received some positive publicity as well as recommendations from leagues that I announce for to purchase their official game balls through Wilson Football. In having a heart Wilson increased its visibility and revenue as people have now heard the  story of how they came through to help those touched by cancer and as a result have made purchases of football related items.

No automatic alt text available.One of the best ways to show that your business has a heart is by partnering with a local organization and donating a percentage of sales back to the organization. This brings people to you that normally would not patronage your business and allows you the opportunity to cultivate new customers/clients. In having a heart and showing that you care you will grow your business and word gets around that your business has a heart. Remember there is no substitute for kindness.

Image may contain: 7 people, people smilingNo automatic alt text available.The National Association of Basketball Coaches and WWE sent items to use in the fundraising efforts for The 2018 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise. As a result they have gained some positive publicity. In giving you open up many opportunities to put your company in a positive light and reach an audience that maybe you did not think about before. In being open to say yes and finding a way to be of service and value to the community you will see that your revenue builds and your brand is strengthened.

Image result for No ExcusesIt is time for you as a business owner to stop making excuses and find ways to say yes. Think about it there is always something your business can do to help the community and as a result you will help your business. It is when you give that you receive a return ten fold.

Image result for hungry howie's pizzaI am reminded about the first time I approached Hungry Howie’s for a donation and how receptive Gabe was to donating 10 pizzas. Since that day I have been a loyal customer and they make their money back just off of me not to mention the countless people I have sent t them. It is when you help others get what they want that y find success.

Image result for subwayThe other night I stopped by my local Subway and mentioned Relay For Life and they asked what they could do and I told them we can always use food items. They said they would donate 100 cookies. Guess who will be getting more of my business.


Image result for have a heartIt is now time for you to find ways to show that you have heart and to show the community that not only are you taking money from the community but you are putting money back into the community.

Advertisement Ideas: More Things That Make You Go HMMM!

I was scrolling through my social media feeds and I started to think if people spent less time on what politicians were doing and concentrated more time  on building their business where they might be. This was one of the things that made me go hmmm!!! Over my 40 plus years of assisting non-profit organizations and for profit businesses in building their brand and increasing revenue I have encountered many people who have made me go hmm. Just the other day I was at an event and I offered to make announcements to help create a bit of a buzz at the event. Now anyone who knows me knows how great my voice is and how I can bring any event to life and create excitement and engage a crowd. I was told oh we have that covered. This made me go hmmm as I thought you have one of the best emcees in the area offering to help you with your event and you say no. Then there was the vendor who immediately said I am not interested which really made me go hmmm as I thought here you are selling spiritual jewelry and you have someone who has a spiritual blog and who could have helped you to reach your desired target audience and you were closed off to even listening or engaging in a conversation. This made me go hmmm because I know that by engaging people you can build your brand and increase your revenue as you never know who that person may know or how they can help you. As you do business think about the moments you may be creating where people are going hmmm and as a result are not doing business with you and going down the block to your competitor. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Taking The Good With The Bad!!!


Image result for Be impeccable with your word Today (8/31/2017) was another lesson earned about people and the fact that in business you are going to deal with people who say one thing and do another. When this happens you have a choice you can put up with it and accept it or you can simply say to bad so sad don’t let the door hit you where GOD split you. Today I was supposed to have a meeting with a perspective buyer for The University Of Miami Replica Championship Rings that I am selling. A gentleman by the name of Brian Goon, stated he wanted to purchase the rings through a Facebook message. I made arrangements to meet him today and sell him the rings he was a no-show. I sent a message and also left comment on Facebook to which he didn’t reply. I found this to be an  example of the  bad in people as I know I would have given the person the benefit of a reply even if I had changed my mind. This got me to thinking this is why people continue to struggle in their personal and professional life as they lack the common courtesy to treat people with respect. Guess who I won’t be doing business with in the future? After I got over the initial disappointment and the lack of professionalism that this gentleman showed I realized that not everyone understands that their action not only affect them but their actions affect others. I am sure I will sell the rings will sell as I am asking $100 and donating $50 to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: One Oh Crap Ruins A Thousand Accolades!!!

Image result for Every Interaction CountsImage result for Every Interaction Counts

Over the years I have come to learn that every interaction you have in a business is important for all it takes is one bad interaction to create unnecessary challenges for your business. I have come to learn that you never know who you may be interacting with and how they can positively or negatively impact t your business.

Image result for Every Interaction CountsYesterday (8/22/2017) I encountered a situation that got me to asking why the hate? Here I was reaching out to a business owner, Mike Artz of Collectables in Hobart, Indiana and this was his response via a Facebook.  Wouldn’t it have made more sense for him to simply write thank you for reaching out to me I wish you much luck in your effort however at this time I am unable to support your project. Think about how you are responding to people and it will tell you why you may be struggling in your business. If this is how he responded to me how many other people has he responded to in this manner and how many of them have not done business with him and share their negative experience with others. In today’s marketplace it is imperative to  be nice in all encounters so that people are moved to do business with you. At the end of the day the only thing that endures is your character.

I looked up his profile on and and saw he had $68,000 in annual sales so I can fully understand if he politely said no to supporting the effort to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Image result for Kindness CountsHe obviously forgot the first adage of business that Kindness Counts. I simply did what I have been doing for over 40 years and asked a business owner for support of a charitable cause. I never expected this type of response. This only goes to show us that our marketplace needs to be taught compassion.

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JDOGG: I was hoping that you could help me with an endeavor that I have undertaken to help those touched by cancer. I am The People Lead for The 2018 American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Sunrise. I am hosting POINTS FOR THE CURE FOOTBALL EDITION on November 12. I am doing this to honor the memory of my mother who was called home to GOD on July 5, 2012. I am seeking chance drawing items for this event. show you how we did in 2017. The shipping address is 9141 Sunrise Lakes Boulevard #102 Sunrise FL 33322. Thank you for supporting the effort to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Mike Artz: what a tool that you had just become !!

JDOGG: I posted because I have reached out to others to support The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and POINTS FOR THE CURE FOOTBALL EDITION in this manner and have had much success.
I have found that when you support others they support you.
Already for 2018 I have hosted a Spirit Night at Tijuana Flats that raised $157.24. I hosted a Give Back Night at Bru’s Room that raised $168.90. The money raised funds research, education, advocacy, and services.

Mike Artz:whom gives a fuck !! you commented on my post!1 create your own post v/s slamming others. no wonder why you can not find a job!! you can’t follow rules!

JDOGG:I have a few gigs which are usually on the weekend so I was looking to work during the week. What I posted was not spam it was a simple request for your assistance to help those touched by cancer. In return you would have tapped into my network and possibly moved some more merchandise.

Mike Artz:i don’t give a fuck !! remove it from my for sale posts now!
it has not a damn thing to do with what i am selling !! its called phishing & scammin!
JDOGG:You can delete it. I wish you much success in your effort to sell your merchandise.
Mike Artz:fuck off !
get a job on your streeet corner!
you need medical help i will call 911 down in florida !
JDOGG: It is funny Mike that you have resorted to name calling and using profanity. Remember GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER. I wish you much success in your effort to sell your merchandise.

Mike Artz: sunrise florida
JDOGG:I have work that is very rewarding. I hope you have a great rest of the week filled with much peace, love, joy, and prosperity.
Mike Artz:go to hell & stop typing you cock sucker!
JDOGG:The Sunrise PD is a supporter of Relay For Life of Sunrise. Again I wish you much success in your effort to sell your merchandise. It is unfortunate that we couldn’t be of service and value to one another.
    I share this with you because it seems as though hatred and bitterness has permeated the market place and civility has gone out the window. By the way you can call Mike at 219-942-2632 and let him know that he missed out on an opportunity to be aligned with someone who has a nice social media following and who promotes those who support his efforts to help those touched by cancer.
Image result for JDOGG LedermanNow think about it the next time someone approaches you for support because you never know the reach that person has and how they can impact your business.  In this case all the accolades that Mike Artz may have built up are gone because he will never see my business and those that read this article may think twice about doing business with him.
   Image result for marketing and public RelationsAs an experienced marketing and public relations consultant the 1st thing I teach my clients is to be kind in all that they do as you never know how that kindness will be returned. Imagine if Mike Artz had been kind in saying no I may have still recommended that my colleagues who collect sports and pop culture memorabilia contact him to see what he is selling. The lesson to take from today is that all it takes is one oh crap to ruin a thousand accolades.

Advertisement Ideas: Burn The Box!!!

Image result for Think Outside The Box It is now time not only to think outside the box but to burn the box and release the contents that may be stopping you from maximizing your brand awareness and revenue.  In the 40 years that I have been working with non-profit organizations and for profit businesses I have noticed something that those who struggle have in common and that is they get stuck in their ways and do not adapt. There is no reason today for anyone to struggle. The reason you may be struggling is that you allowed yourself to be caught in a way of thinking that hasn’t allowed you to move forward in a positive direction of your goals.  I have heard so many times over the years that I don’t have money to advertise or I’ve tried everything and nothing is working. This mindset is what is keeping you trapped in the box and why you are falling short of your goals. It is time to burn the box and go from limiting beliefs to limitless beliefs.

Image result for burning boxesIt is time to put all of your limiting beliefs into a box and burn the box then spread the ashes as compost and then begin to change the way you go about doing things. When you think you don’t have money to advertise you need to turn that into I will find affordable and effective advertising methods. I recently came into 19 boxes of books from assorted genres as a result f a death in my family. Instead of saying oh I don’t have the money to advertise theses books I found some free resources like sell and trade groups on social media and started posting photos of the books. I also decided to donate 50% of all book sales to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of Sunrise. As a result I sold 4 books today (7/15/17). I still have a condo that looks like a used book store but I am finding ways to let people know about the books and as a result I am moving the books and helping a cause that I believe in while also turning inventory into cash. When you burn the box and release the stinking thinking that is stopping you from manifesting the life that you want you will find that you begin to attract more peace, love, joy, and prosperity into your life. It all comes down to having the proper mindset when it comes to raising funds for charity or running your own business. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas:Become A Message Bomber!

As we celebrate our freedom to take advantage of the opportunities that The United States Of America provides us today (7/4/2017) you can become a message bomber as you advertise your business. Imagine going to a 4th of July event and handing out patriotic CDS with the words courtesy of ___________ with your contact information and website on them. You could also find events where you could have a booth or hang a banner that puts you in front of a large audience that has potential clients/customers attending. It is time for you to become a message bomber and make sure you have marketing/advertising material where ever you go as you never know who you might meet and how you can be of service and value to them or how they can be of value and service to you. The idea is simple be proactive with your advertising/marketing and become a message bomber so that people will be enticed to purchase your products or services. Imagine you all you can do to tie promotions into holidays such as 4th of July you can take items that are normally $20 and mark them down to $17.76 for 4th of July week. The possibilities are endless if you use some creativity.
One way to become a message bomber is to do a salute to the troops promotion and get the word out that you are donating a portion of all your sales to organizations that support servicemen and servicewomen. You can advertise that you are giving discounts to all military men and women and their families. You can find ways to support veteran’s organizations and include what you are doing in your advertising/marketing campaigns. You can even give everyone a free American Flag with purchase while your supplies last. In tying in the holiday theme and planning out a strong marketing/advertising strategy you will see that you strengthen your brand awareness and increase your revenue. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Why People Suck!!!

As someone who is committed to being of service and value to others I have come to realize that most people suck. The answer why most people suck is that they feel entitled and have lost respect for those around them. I have come into contact with many people who simply suck the literal positivism right out of your soul as they will make arrangements with you and then not show up. When they are called out about it will say oh I forgot or something came up. These same people will then wonder why what they are doing in their personal, professional, and spiritual life is not working. I recently offered someone an opportunity to have items at no charge for them to use in their non-profit endeavors they said oh I will meet you at a certain time and a certain place. I showed up and waited for 2 hours and then left and messaged them only to get the response of oh I forgot. How do you forget when I spoke to you an hour before we were supposed to meet? How about having to chase people down for money they owe for services that you performed. I have had a couple of people even not pay me claiming we didn’t have an agreement. Come on people what happened to being impeccable with your word?

I am generally an even keel very positive person but there have been situations that have arisen that make me go from Mr. Nice Guy to Bat Shit Crazy. I go out of my way to be of value and service and people don’t show up or people make promises and don’t keep them. I have seen this in business many times and it is always amazing to me how the other party want to make excuses and point the blame to the other party. Come on people what has happened to accountability? I recently offered someone items for their incentive program and I gave them 120 days to connect with me and they used the I was so busy excuse stating that during the week they didn’t get home until 8 PM and that on the weekend they were working 12 hour days. I felt bad that this person had to work 2 jobs but I was the one offering the items and I chose to offer them to this person first. As a result of this person being an  excuse maker I gave the items to another organization. I have realized that most people suck and that it doesn’t pay to be nice so guess what when I get items that could help others and spread the concept of positivism I will use them for my endeavors and if people are serious about getting assistance from me they know where to find me.

I have been involved in business and non-profit endeavors for over 40 years and in my case I have had some good experiences but I have also had some bad experiences. Perhaps the bad experiences are a result of me being too nice and allowing people to get away with certain behaviors. It could be that people suck sometimes and fail to realize what I am offering them and how they can take what I offer and improve their personal, professional, and spiritual life. Like for example today I am at Starbucks with 3 John Cena Hats and 3 John Cena Wrist Band and Head Band Sets for a lady who run’s a non-profit and was looking for items for her fundraiser. She direct messaged me that she would be here, well she hasn’t shown up yet. Another woman was supposed to come by and get a printer and a gift I have for her son and she hasn’t shown up. This is why I have come to the conclusion that people suck sometime. I am trying to do good deeds and you leave me hanging then wonder why I don’t support your charity or do business with you any longer. Come on people look at yourself and your actions. I’m sorry with an excuse doesn’t cut it when I am the one going out of my way to help you and do something nice for you.

I have given people so many opportunities to maximize their message and increase their revenue only to see that they suck. When I had a TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which aired on I would book guests and offer them a chance to buy their clip of the interview. many of my guests were very good and purchased their clips understanding that when they bought the clip they were helping me monetarily while also helping their business. Then there were those who didn’t show or said they were going to buy the clip and did not. Did they not realize that me being a host and selling the clips was a revenue stream for me? It was at that time that I decided to help those who respected me and would support me and to leave the people who suck behind. Unfortunately we have become a society of people who are using the what is in it for me mentality instead of how every party can benefit from the interaction.

It is now time to turn the page and to remove people who suck!!!

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Advertisement Ideas: The Proactive Manifesto!!!

In business it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve by being proactive in all you do. Daily action in the advertising area is necessary to insure for revenue growth and brand recognition. Knowing what is going on in the marketplace as it pertains to your business is important as it will allow you to stay ahead of the curve so you can deliver what your clients/customers are seeking. The key is to come up with several advertising ideas that will drive clients/customers to you so that you can strengthen you brand and increase your revenue. As long time readers know I have worked in the sports related field for many years holding positions ranging from public relations intern to public address announcer. In each position I knew the importance of being proactive so I learned the lay of the community around where the teams played and began to market accordingly. I remember working for The New York Liberty of Major League Volleyball and Jerry Saperstein. If that name rings a bell it should as Jerry is the son of Abe Saperstein who was the founder of The Harlem Globetrotters.  As I worked with Jerry I learned that you must plan your work and work your plan. Jerry once told me getting the fans to come is only 1/2 the battle the other half is getting them to come back. This lesson has served me well as I changed the word fans to clients/customers and over the years have come up with many programs that focus on customer/client retention. The key is to have a proactive manifesto that allows for several advertising ideas to be implemented. I remember a game we had on Mother’s Day and I partnered with a local florist to give us roses to give to the female fans in return for advertising and marketing consideration. We advertised that all mother’s get in free and the 1st 100 receive a rose this worked out very well as we had over 1000 fans that day and it was estimated that 750 were female. Guess where everyone from The N.Y. Liberty  went when they needed flowers in the future? Yes, you got it to the flower shop that partnered with them. The lesson here is to be proactive and take advantage of marketing and advertising opportunities.

No automatic alt text available.In the time I worked with The Liberty I saw the importance of marketing, public relations, media relations, and all aspects necessary to have a successful sports franchise. We went from averaging 300 fans a game to over 500 by the end of the season. I was asked how we did this and the answer was that we had a proactive manifesto. The 1st rule of this manifesto was that we all agreed that we would share The N.Y. Liberty with everyone we came in contact with. We began to do extensive outreach to every media outlet, school, church group, synagogue group, volleyball organization. If there were people to talk volleyball to we were talking volleyball. We came up with a plan and worked proactively to implement that plan making adjustments along the way. We even had a TV contract to show the games on ESPN. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Get Digital With It!!!

Long before people began to speak about leaving a digital footprint I was doing just that as I believe it is important to record everything so you can have content to show off and thus strengthen your brand while also increasing your revenue. This video was done 6 years ago as part of a mastermind group, Tuesdays With Barbara. I made it a point to do interviews with as many people from this group as possible to illustrate how powerful video is and to also show that you can start with just a cell phone and work up to doing professional fully edited videos. The time is now for you to get digital with it. If you are say you are not ready for that or you can not afford that you will find yourself behind those in your industry who are using video content to build their brand and increase their revenue.
I hosted a TV Show on, The Anything Bucket, and I explained to potential guests how important it was to come on the show and purchase their clip. Those that came on and purchased their clip and utilized the clip as I demonstrated to them how to maximize their message did very well. I was amazed by how many people said no to being interviewed or buying their clip. Many of the people who came in didn’t understand the concept of multiple impressions and took advantage of the free interview only to be disappointed with the results. I explained that a 1 time airing to 50,000 people would not give them the results they were looking for that they really needed to purchase the clip and share it across social media platforms and on their website and even email it to potential clients. Those that followed this formula did well while those who did not continue to wonder why their business is slow. Read More→

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Advertisement Ideas: What Were You Thinking?

Kathy Griffin bloody Trump pic defended by photographer As I sat down and read my Facebook Feed all I could think of was Kathy Griffin what were you thinking. Did you actually think this was funny. Did you think you would gain more fans and get more gigs? Obviously not.  This got me to thinking how many times has a a business owner done something only to regret it in the end. It is a good thing that Kathy amassed a large amount of money over the years and doesn’t have to worry about much because she just dropped from The D List to The F list. I am sure there will be many who still go to her concerts and there will be those who support this as an expression of freedom of expression. It might as well be just that but it will definitely impact her future financial earnings as shows have been cancelled and she has been replaced as a host for CNN’s New Years’s Eve. Think of the actions you take and the potential consequences because every action you take will affect you either positively or negatively. In this case Kathy’s actions have had an adverse affect on her career.

How the mighty have fallen. When the news broke about Tiger Woods a part of me felt sad for here was a man who at one time was on top of the world and was doing so much to help others and then a sex scandal and now a DUI charge. Oh what a fall from grace he has experienced. Again it is a good thing that he is potentially monetarily set for life but his reputation is now forever sullied. Again I ask what were you thinking? Read More→

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