Advertisement Ideas: Toucha Toucha Touch Me!!!

 Today’s blog entry is inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show Toucha Toucha Touch Me song. As I listened to the lyrics I thought how this mimics the cycle of customer procurement and customer retention.  The customer relationship is much like that of a pursuit for someone of the opposite sex. In many cases you spend many dollars  in hopes of achieving a conquest and many times the conquest does not happen. Just like in business you spend many dollars in marketing and advertising and sometimes it doesn’t work because your expectations were not realistic or the choices you made were not synergistic with your brand. In business we may not physically touch a customer but we may touch their mind or their heart so we must look at  the best practices to achieve the desired result. When we begin to figuratively touch potential customers and existing customers we  realize how they become ambassadors of our brand and as a result create a buzz about our brand. In touching customers we must use our why we are doing what we do as part of our marketing mix. It is important tom understand that people will not buy the what but the why. In showing your why in your advertising and marketing you will generate more brand awareness and increase your cash flow.

 As The  TV Show Host  of The Anything Bucket at I am asked all the time why would you give a free interview to someone? The answer is simple because I need content for my show and I believe in helping businesses to excel. I also give businesses a chance to purchase the clip of their appearance on the show for $175 that they can use in their marketing mix to touch potential customers or retain existing customers. I believe that when you have an opportunity to reach people and touch them with your message that you should take advantage of the opportunity. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Don’t Be An Icehole!!!

It is funny how you can ask about the same thing in a different manner and get two separate answers. The other day people were asked about what has become known as Obamacare and many stated oh it is bad and the president had good intentions and but the implementation lacked. The when asked about The Affordable Care Act they said oh that is much better it will help more people. One person said isn’t Obamacare and The Affordable Care Act  the same thing? The answer is yes they are but the American public has become so programmed that they do not  do their due diligence and investigate things and go by what they hear on CNN and FOX News making many people iceholes.  I come across iceholes everyday that will make every excuse why their business isn’t doing well instead of asking what can I do differently to improve my business.

To avoid being an icehole you must take charge of your life both personally and professionally you must become aware of your actions and the effect they have on your business. If you are not coming up with new advertising ideas, new campaigns to create brand awareness and create a buzz so as to give people a reason to do business with you then you might just be an icehole.  If you are not being proactive and you continue to be reactive you could be leaving money on the table making you an icehole.

If you do not have a plan you just might be an icehole. If you are not taking daily action to promote your business you just might be an icehole.  It is important to make proper choices as to where to promote, where to advertise, where to share who you are and what you do and why you do it. Remember people are not buying the what you do they are buying the why you do it. If you are not taking action and moving forward toward your goals you just might be an icehole. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Working The Crowd!!!

 As I stood out in front of Wal-Mart on Saturday 3/14/15 raising funds for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life Of  West Boca Raton it occurred to me that one way a business can thrive is to work the crowd and use the resources they have to boost sales. Each person who came by our booth was introduced to Relay for Life and those who told me I had a great voice I handed my business card. This was a win-win situation as I helped to raise $129 while also being able to promote who I was and how I can be of  service and value to others.  I left that fundraiser and headed out to a concert where I worked the crowd and simply asked people if they would like to donate to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays and as a result collected $74 bringing my total to $2204.61 raised with my Relay being held on may 2, 2015 at Olympic Heights High School from 12 PM – 12 AM. Donations can be made at As I walked the crowd a few people asked me for my business card so I gladly gave them my card. The key is to always have your business cards with you as you never know who may be interested in your business. Today (3/16/15) my phone rang and it was someone who met me at the concert and we are doing a one on one on Friday (3/20/15). By working the crowds at events you can increase your brand awareness and attract new people.  Remember do not be shy and share who you are and how you can be of service and value to the people you meet. The worst that they will tell you is that they are not interested,

Many businesses attend trade shows and then complain that they didn’t get anything from the show. The reason is because they did not work the crowd properly. They didn’t have a captivating display that would draw an audience, they didn’t make friends with the emcee so they could get some plugs on the microphone, and they didn’t capture people’s contact information. I have emceed many trade shows and I make it a point to ask every vendor if they have video capability on their phone so we can do a quick promotional video that they can then use across their social media platforms and on their website. I also offer them an opportunity to come to The WRPBiTV Studios in Boca Raton to tape a segment to air on my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST.  The idea is to work the crowd and be of service and value. If you are hosting an event you should call 954-254-8227 to book me to emcee your event and thus help you to work your crowd and give them added value. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Get Up And Get Out!!!

Get Outside Many time entrepreneurs will struggle because they forget the fundamental rule that engagement with people is a key element to success. Many entrepreneurs will sit behind their computers and not see why they aren’t as widely known as they should be or why their sales are not higher than they are. Many entrepreneurs get caught up in the symptom I like to refer to as paralysis by over analysis. They will sit and wonder why sales are down and dictate to their team that they must increase sales but won’t show them how to increase sales.  The easiest way to increase sales is to reach more people and to be of service and value. One great way to reach people with you message is to simply get our in the community. When was the last time you got up from behind the computer and went out to introduce yourself to your neighboring businesses? I have often subscribed to the belief  that if you walk the neighborhood where you have an office and get to know your neighbors that you will be on the top of their mind when they are seeking your products or services or they will recommend you when someone else that they know is seeking your products and services.  I remember a day I was working at The Happy Herald when I told the owner/publisher I will be back in a couple of hours I am going to visit all of our neighbors and share the newspaper with them. She asked why and I said because they may want to advertise or know someone that wants to advertise. This was very effective as I signed up a few advertisers and generated a few more leads.One would think the owner and sales manager would have been happy instead of thanking me for taking the initiative they pointed out that it was not my job to go solicit business. A few months later I left the company. Remember if you have employees it is important for them to get up and get out and share the company with others. This practice should become second nature as it can lead to increased brand awareness and cash flow. The bottom line is at the end of the day a big component is cash flow. If your sales are down look at how you are sharing your business with others and how many times you are out in the community letting people know who you are and what you do. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: All You Have To Do Is Ask!!!

Just ask! I have been teaching and preaching the concept of all you have to do is ask for many years.  I have so many positive stories of where I just made the ask that resulted in obtaining donations for my charitable endeavors like The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton. getting paying gigs, and booking guests for my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST.  The key is that I made the ask with the mindset of what is the worst that will happen; they will say no?  When you advertise you are making an ask for people to do business with you. When making this ask you must have a message that resonates with the target audience you are attempting to attract so that they will take action and do business with you. When you are making your advertising choices as to where you will make the ask look at who the advertising platform reaches so that the reach includes your desired target audience. When advertising and making the ask make sure people know who you are and what you do. In all your marketing make sure you have a call to action. In making the ask be aware that you want to create a buzz by being creative, relevant, resonating, and entertaining. Once you procure a customer/client make sure you are asking them questions that will allow you to continue to be of service and value to them so that you can create customer loyalty. make it a priority to train those who work for you to make the ask in a tactful and pleasant way that when a customer is asked about their experience with you they say positive things.

Just Ask! Canon Rebel Giveaway I have witnessed many business people not close a deal because they did not ask for the order. When I was a Jaycees member we had a saying Get The Check, meaning to get the member signed up. Many times I would go out and share Jaycees with people with chapter members and I noticed the chapter members were not signing people up to be Jaycees because they were not asking for the check. That is when I developed a system that can translate to any business:

1: Introduce Yourself

2: Ask questions to find out about the person you are speaking with

3: Share how what you have to offer can benefit the potential client/customer

4: Ask if they would like to do business with you

5: Get their payment Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Persistence Breaks Down Resistance!!!

Vince+lombardi+quotes+determinationvince lombardi quote vince lombardi quote xpx I was working  with Forum Publishing Group selling advertising in a territory that many said was not fertile and that the businesses were resistant to advertising when I coined the concept that persistence breaks down resistance. I made it a point to visit businesses on a weekly basis to just drop of a newspaper and give them one benefit of advertising with the papers I represented. We had a program where they could do a 4  week program with a business card size ad for $99 for 4 weeks. Do you believe I still had businesses turn this opportunity down?  However I was persistent and kept going back to those who said no as I learned a no today is not a no forever.  In many cases I came across businesses that were coming from a lack mentality and making excuses not to advertise and then wondered why their business continued to be slow. I heard all the excuses like I tried that paper before and it didn’t work or I can’t afford to advertise business is slow. I would counter with what type of advertisement did you run did it have a tracking mechanism or a strong call to action or regardless if your business is busy or slow it is imperative to advertise. So many people do not understand that advertising is imperative because the more people who know about you the better chances of picking up more clients/customers.

Persistence; How to Stay Motivated Through Your Most Challenging TimesI remember talking to an owner of a hair salon and she kept saying no then one week I went by with an advertisement I designed that simply said haircuts $15 normally $20 with an expiration date of 15 days from the publishing of the newspaper. The owner said okay I’ll try the Business card special of $99 for 4 weeks. The owner did this program and had success and renewed several times.  The key is to be persistent and have something that is perceived a s a value to offer when selling products or services.

Relay For Life Logo 2014 Relay for life 2014.jpg Today (3/4/2015) I decided to send direct messages to my friends on face book asking them to please visit and make a donation. I had done this before and had some success and today was no different as I resent posts to those who hadn’t responded yet and one person visited the site and donated $25 proving that having a strategy and being persistent and consistent works. In advertising it is important to be in publications on a frequent and consistent basis so that when some is ready to take action and do business with you that they know how to connect with you. People ask me all the time JDOGG why do you continue to post about Relay For Life? I always say because you never know who will see the post and who will be ready to take action and make a donation.  In posting about Relay I create brand awareness and recognition while creating a buzz. As of today I am at $2094.61 raised because I continue to ask people for their support. By being persistent I break down resistance and thus help those touched by cancer while also promoting myself. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Brother Can You Spare A Dime!!!

Charitable Giving Up Slightly But Still Ailing Years ago I initiated a fundraising campaign, Brother Can You Spare a Dime, the idea was to ask everyone I came in contact with for a dime that would be used to take underprivileged children on a holiday shopping spree. As I introduced the program I made up donation jars with that slogan and placed them in many businesses. Every business that participated in the program was recognized in all the marketing materials for The Spreading The Joy Program run by The Coral Springs Jaycees, which provided a holiday shopping spree to underprivileged children.  The donation jars were one part of the fundraising process we also solicited businesses to sponsor children and they received much publicity. The Jaycees also set up collection days in front of high trafficked retail stores publicizing those stores. As a result of businesses supporting this effort the businesses received publicity which put them on top of the consumers mind.

giving.jpg Charitable giving should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. When you include your charitable giving in your advertising you show that you care about the community you increase the chance to procure new customers and retain existing customers as people like to do business with those they perceive to be giving back to the community.  In every business where I have had a management position or was the owner I always stressed the importance of charitable giving and how to leverage it to build a brand and increase cash flow. As a result I always saw an increase in business after I publicized my community involvement.

Advertisement Ideas: Brother Can You Spare A Dime!!! Success Stories!!!

I announce for The South Florida Gold and they have helped several charities with donations at their games including Veteran’s Outreach, Homeless Shelters, Nature Centers, and The American Cancer Society. As a result of charitable giving and sparing several dimes The South Florida Gold has donated over $2000 to charitable causes and continue to strengthen their fan base by strengthening the community.  Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Be Direct!!!

We have all seen this icon at one time or another indicating we have mail or a direct message. Most people respond to their email with in 24 hours while most people respond to a direct message within a few minutes so one of the keys to reach your audience through an effecting advertising campaign is to use the direct message features on your social media. In being direct and having a message with a strong call to action you will increase your conversion rate and thus create more revenue while creating a buzz about your business. As you choose to be direct with your message remember to use this feature during peak hours when people you want to reach are on their social media pages. I have  found a message at 7:30 AM or 1:30 PM or 7:30 PM gets response as you are reaching people when they expect to be reached and are dedicating time to checking social media and responding accordingly.

Vancouver Relay For Life 2014 theme logo designOn Wednesday  (2/25/2015)  I went on my Facebook Page and I saw friends on-line and I sent a message about my involvement with Relay For Life and asked them to visit and to make a $5 donation. As I reached out I received 1 donation for $10 bringing my total to $2059.61. I sent out about 20 requests so to get 1 out of 20 was not bad and I received some responses that people would donate at a later time, however I know not to count on promises. I’ll take a 5% return on a marketing campaign anytime. Let’s extrapolate some number and think if 1000 direct message are sent and 5%(50) respond with a purchase of $10 each you bring in $500 and also create an awareness about your cause. The key is to have a campaign that is relevant and resonates with the recipient with a strong call to action. Remember people will buy your why fast than they buy your what..

Years ago many successful companies would bombard you with many pieces of what people affectionately called “Junk Mail” but when getting a 1% or 2% return on an investment was a good thing for these companies. Today there are several direct mail magazines that I receive in my mailbox and I physically look through them and I personally use them  to recruit guest for my TV Show, The Anything Bucket, which airs on on Tuesday at 6:30 PM EST.  Today in the electronic age the way we conduct business is changing and the concept of Direct Mail as now been adapted to reach potential clients/customers electronically with social media and email campaigns.  The key is to have a campaign that is relevant and give the recipient a reason to do business with you. Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Let’s Get Social!!!

187767_145344062194847_2062353_n.jpg I had the pleasure of interviewing Gaspare Marturano on my Blog Talk Radio Show, Get Motivated With Jonathan JDOGG Lederman, which is currently on hiatus and we spoke about the importance of being social not only on-line but off-line. As the interview ended I began to think how many people are missing out on opportunities because they are not interacting with others? I then thought how many are stuck because they are not open to receive?  I further thought how many people are not expanding and growing because they are not taking action? I have  come to the realization that in our lifetime we will encounter action takers or excuse makers. The question is which category will you fall into?

... calling using the well-known slogan, "Reach out and touch someoneYears ago AT&T implemented a campaign with the slogan of reach out and touch someone. This slogan still resonates in business today because it is imperative to reach people with your message.  Social Media Advertising is great  however nothing beats the personal interaction of being able to look someone face to face and showing them how you can be of service and value to them.One great way to reach out and touch people is to get booked to speak at Chamber of Commerce Events, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Jaycees and other community events where you can deliver a message that will build your brand and put you on the top of the mind of the audience so that when they seek products and services in your industry that they call you first.  Read More→

Advertisement Ideas: Proactivity Leads To More Cash!!!


Today I received a great email offer for Tropical Serenity Massage and Spa who is offering a great special for every Monday in March and of course calling it March Madness. In sending this email out today they have planted a seed and I am considering going to the spa in a few weeks.  In being proactive and implementing a timely marketing strategy such as an email marketing campaign you will be proactive instead of reactive in the market place and as a result increase your cash flow.  I have a friend Heidi Richards Mooney who has a book Quirky Marketing Ideas that those who purchase and implement the ideas generally increase their revenue.

Here's the cover of my new book Quirky Marketing Calendar... www ...The key is to be proactive and have a strategic plan that will build your brand’s recognition and create a buzz about your business. For example look up National Hot Dog Day and revolve a campaign that incorporates that day. If you have a brick and mortar business hire a Hot Dog Cart and give out Free Hot Dogs and promote this is all your advertising. If you are a business coach find a restaurant that specializes in hot dogs and host your workshop there on National Hot Dog Day. The idea is to make a plan and work your plan so that you can increase your cash flow and strengthen your brand.  In doing something special on these unique days you enhance the customer’s experience and they will come back and refer business to you.

Advertisement Ideas: Ways To Be Proactive And Increase Cash Flow!!!

Relay For Life of Chandler Relay for Life is a huge community event that brings people together to help those touched by cancer by raising funds for research, education, advocacy, and services. This is a yearly event in many communities across America. If you visit you can find a local Relay For Life In Your Area and you can form team, become a sponsor, or donate. The Relay For Life that I am The Fund The Mission Lead for is The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Boca Raton, FL taking place on May 2, 2015 at Olympic Heights High School from 12 PM – 12 AM.  If your business knows about this event now you can plan on doing things to become involved that will give you positive exposure in the market place. People like to do business with those they perceive as being involved in the community. A few years ago Hungry Howie’s Pizza supported my efforts in Relay For Life and as a result when I want pizza I call them. Their donation of 10 large pizzas for a pizza lap paid off as they picked me up as a customer and have had an advocate for them ever since.  Think about it you own a business and you support The American Cancer Society Relay For Life and you mention that across your social media platforms, in your print advertising, in your electronic marketing, on all your print literature and all things related to your business. Attending a Relay For Life is a great way to network. By paying it forward and being proactive you will increase your cash flow.  Read More→